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Pertaining to the activation of custom hydraulic suspensions, usually in 63 Cadillacs.
He be hittin the switches
by cameo March 12, 2003
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What's the scenario?
by cameo March 12, 2003
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Any extraterrestrial, most likely with some level of insanity and/or psychotic tendencies, that poses as the sister of any legitimate human. May emit, at any volume, the following: doggy voice, shrill sounds, nonsensical words, sudden shouts, low hissing sounds, extremely bad whistling, or other bizarre noises.
"Why is my little sister so annoying?" "She's probably an alien psycho sister."
by cameo April 1, 2005
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Any female bathroom in a public setting.
Could be pub/club , restaraunt etc.
Traditionally known as a place females go to bitch about things.
My girlfriends just gone to the Bitch Box , she'll be back in a minute.
by cameo August 12, 2004
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