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To be tricked, decieved or outdone. To be imbibed with false accountancies of produce.
Person 1: Hey guys i just got a Mars bar for 70p from the shop.

Person 2: They're 40p next door man.

Person 1: Really?

Person 3: It seems that you've been diddled my friend
by SummerOnions March 27, 2009

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1. Bear claw specialist.

2. Involved in the worst kind of physically brutal sexual intercourse that England has ever known.

3. An incredibly hairy creature, the real reason behind recent sightings of Bigfoot and other mythical monsters, such as King Kong.

4. A gaze which is capable of impregnating a woman on sight.
Woman: I feel something kicking inside of me suddenly

Man: Dude, you must have just been Penswicked!
Man 1: Dude, i think i just saw Bigfoot!!

Man 2: Nah dude, thats just Penswick, leave it alone, it'll find a woman to impregnate.
Woman 1: That was some rough sex last night, I feel like I have been Penswicked!!
by SummerOnions August 07, 2008

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1. A skilful piece of music made up on the spot, though sounds perfectly practiced and smooth.

2. Anything that passes as good enough, eg an excuse that is made up on the spot, yet seems viable
Luke: Hey Murph have you got an excuse for being out so late?? Won't your parents be pissed??

Murph: Nah, i'll just do a 12 bar bluesorama.
by SummerOnions August 07, 2008

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A skateboarding trick, where you grab the board in a crab position, then flip the board 360. For added extra skill, the person on the board can pull his head through the legs with the hands whilst in mid-air and land standing flat.
Presenter 1

"And now on Extreme Sports, The Scandinavian Flip, presented by Rodney Cullen"

Presenter 2

"Totally. just look at the way he goes throught the legs to a total standstill. Spectacular."
by SummerOnions June 15, 2008

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To be able to spin yeast based carbohydrates upon mouth or beak, similar to a pigeon. Also used in reference to someone lying through their teeth in a well-conceived manner.
Guy 1- Fuck, did you just see that Blackbird in your garden?

Guy 2-Pigeon skills!

Man 1- I never stole your idea for this story lad, you know you can count on me.

Man 2- Bollocks. It's got Pigeon Skills written all over it.
by SummerOnions April 22, 2009

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