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describing one who listens to excessive amounts of Tool, Snoop, and System of a Down; also known to indulge in herbal refreshments from time to time; generally, a pleasant and easygoing personality...derived from the latin work lax, meaning TOOL SUCKS!
"I'm laxy", said Bill.
"I've heard that about you", replied Marge.
by Margaret November 11, 2004
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90% of the 'people' who submitted their frighteningly ignorant and downright hateful quasi-definitions to this website. If they're 'urban,' I'm glad I'm suburban.
"I wrote some funny stuff in the urban dictionary website, because nobody gives a damn about what I have to say in the real world, and I'm destined to work at McDonald's my entire pathetic life."
by Margaret July 23, 2004
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"Am i purling"
"you were purling like crazy. it was all out"
by Margaret December 17, 2003
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Slang:/ Marijuana, weed, pot,
"This is some tasty cheesecake, bro"!
by Margaret September 3, 2004
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one who is sexy, and makes you think of pie, derived from the word sexy, meaning sexy, and the word pie, meaning yummy
The sexypie walked into the room, causing all eyes to turn to her, and all conversations to come to a halt.
by Margaret June 26, 2004
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When someone with long (and usually creepy-looking) fingers touches stuff (or other people) with them in a disturbing and annoying way.
Stop finging me, Goddamnit! It's sickening.
by Margaret May 13, 2003
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Cunniligus. Oralsex performed on a woman. Tipping=licking & Velvet=Clitoris
Melissa likes to Tip the Velvet
by Margaret April 6, 2004
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