Throttle-on induced oversteer. Initiating a drift (oversteer) by applying the throttle in a turn enough to make the rear wheels break traction and slide out.
Any car can drift using the handbrake. But you need a rear wheel drive car to powerslide!
by sffjkajakfsk January 26, 2008
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a term used in motorcycle road racing. an on throttle slide, usually on the exit of a turn where the rider causes the rear end of the bike to step out or oversteer by adding generous throttle. the rear wheel will spin faster than the road speed and cause the slide. in motorcycle stunting, it is usually called drifting and is at slower speeds incorporating the front brake. the technique is also used, in flat track, motocross and supermoto racing.
did you see him powerslide that turn? yeah he lit up the rear for about 50ft.
by pasystm April 7, 2008
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when one slides hands under bra in a strong, fluid motion without un-doing the bra in any way
"dude, i couldn't undo her bra so i just used a powerslide to get under it."
by smhsmm March 22, 2009
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accelerating a car to about 30 miles per hour, then simultaneously pulling the e-brake and turning the wheel about a quarter of a turn around either direction resulting in the car you're in to spin 180 degrees
kid 1- dude did you see joe just try to powerslide his SUV?
kid 2- yea i saw the whole thing!! he fuckin flipped his car and now there's a roadsign going through his brain!
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A stage move preformed by a lead guitarist where the guitarist takes a running start and slides across a portion of the stage on his/her knees. Usually accompanied by a windmill and is preformed sometimes if the guitarist can't work uo the nerve to go for a stage dive
The lead guitarist tried to do a powerslide and slid off stage.
by Xious November 2, 2008
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Using Duct Tape to spread a southern girl's ass cheeks then proceeding to lube up a virgin's asshole with WD-40 and then the virgin pisses inside a siblings asshole after the other sibling cums in her hair. Typically followed with forcing weed into the girl's asshole then defacating to get the weed out and smoking it to get high.
Last night Zoey and I did a Redneck Powerslide in a gas station.
by QuantumSucc February 16, 2019
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