A tall handsome saxophonist from Southern Oklahoma. He grew up in a small school where real music instruction was nonexistant so he was forced to teach himself. He then became the sexiest saxophone player alive. Women love him, men want to be him.
Big Saxy rolled in and showed us what a real woodwind is.
by Danny Boy OK May 16, 2006
Spending time with a horny virgin.
Guy: Sexy time!
Girl: Nope sorry, SAXY TIME!

Guy: Last night, I had the best saxy time ever.
Guy #2: I want saxy time too.
by Hornyvirgins November 6, 2010
The mother and her mother wants her son to move her and her chest to have sex
person 1: Man i watched some good videos last night
person 2: What kind of videos
person 1: some hot indian saxy videos
by hotsaxyman May 25, 2020
The coolest, hottest person on the face of te Earth, no question and or competition
Saxon = The hottest guy on the face of the Earth
by Saxy-won March 27, 2004
A "hot saxy bab" is a term used by creepy Indian men on internet. Here is a list of countries that have creepy men, that use this term!

hey hot saxy bab, let me see u bobs
by retardedpotago September 10, 2020
A man that wears a spaceman suit and plays the saxophone very aggressively.
Ethan: hey saxy space man. Omg why are you playing the saxophone so aggressively
by Saxy space man November 28, 2021