1. A musician who plays the saxophone. 2. One who is oft made fun of by other musicians (particularly trumpet players) because they are envied for their musical ability. 3. The most "nerdy" of the musicians, after the pianist and the composer.
The saxophonist at the cocktail party was quite talented.
by Connmann August 17, 2009
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The elitists of the saxophone community, they walk around with their snobby noses turned up away from jazz musicians. The truth is that they secretly love jazz but are too square, duddy, and awkward to play it. They can often be found practicing Ferling etudes and worshipping their master, Marcel Mule.
Classical saxophonists hate us because they ain't us.
by Jazzmaster14 March 20, 2016
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A musician who plays the saxophone. No other musicians posses an ego as inflated as a saxophonist's other than guitarists, however their egos come from different places, for guitarists their ego comes from the belief that their instrument is superior whereas saxophonist's ego come from the knowledge that their instrument is superior.
person 1 "I am a saxophonist"
person 2 "Fuck off"
by Hellmine Cornish June 26, 2023
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