Posts spacey things that make you go "wtf?". He must be as high as a kite, and with the grammar of a 5 year old.

Fighter of NightDarker.
spaceman: so vegetablr stock comes from the bones of what vegetables?
by FuzzyBB July 25, 2009
a delicate confectionary, like the angel from barbarella, blissfully unaware of his own budding homosexuality and yet ripe for the picking like the most exotic of orchids, rim him with vigour and conviction
spaceman as in fill my 'space' man
by gazzamongo December 5, 2005
The most sick and disguisting act involving sex...

It's where a man takes a shit (or a number two if you prefer) inside of a woman's pussy after licking it until wet.

nothing need be said about the spaceman
by spacemonkey? September 19, 2008
Space man Rocket man a person with high hopes for the future of space, interstellar and interplanetary missions. This person can think exponentially and has moonshot ideas. First used in 2018 as the monicker or alias of Filipino space entrepreneur, Dexter Baño.
You got an amazing mindset and you love space. You might be a spaceman.
by Pox_vopuli August 20, 2019
when you are in 0 gravity and you cum in the air and a woman
catches it in the air with her snatch......
the spaceman are heros....