A girl/boy who plays saxaphone and is sexy in a nerdy/geeky way
Damn, Max is saxy with his glasses on!
by MyHeadHurts October 14, 2007
Saxy is when someone's Sexy but dumb.
Jared: Omg, Olivia's so sexy...
Jake: More like saxy, she's so dumb and stupid.
Jared: I'd still fuck anyway.
by VintageStars January 21, 2021
A shorter, 2-sylable way to say Sixaxis, the controller for the Sony PlayStation 3.
"Have you seen my Saxis around here?"
"You mean 'Suxaxis'? heh"
"Shut up and look for it..."
by itsnymo February 15, 2007
Saxy is basically sexy and sassy together .
Omg ivy that chick over there is saxy.
by mcwildparty;) June 26, 2018
Since I have a concert coming up, I need to have saxy time now.
by 1337sp33k3r June 12, 2011
being both of Anglo-Saxon (i.e., viking, Scandinavian) descent and totally working it.
Sally: I'm part Scandinavian.
Louise: You're Anglo-Saxon, then.
Sally: Nope, I'm ANGLO-SAXY!
by Lady Beast October 31, 2009
someone who is very sexy and plays the bari sax. bari is like very and saxy is like sexy.
Taylor is Bari Saxy, i saw her during band today.
by Kenzi-W September 26, 2007