When you have a webcam and you take off your t-shirt and show your boobs to the person on the other side for a second.
guy- Hey, can i get a quick flash?
girl- Sure hunny.
guy-sexy, cool
girl- ok, see ya
guy- bye.
by Pawla July 5, 2006
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To be killed by 3 flash bangs in Call of Duty 4.
"WTF did you do to that guy?? I was out of ammo so i quick flashed him."
by KING MAISON May 9, 2008
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The time that it takes For 2 stroke To forward a pic or meme that she receives From E to The year 9 advisers.
Forwards content as quick as a flash. 2 stroke - OMG Jamie can you believe this fucking guy... Look at what he sent me now😤

This is the last time again I swear’.

‘Jamie‘ - You just can’t hate this guy ???🤗
by Peter gregson July 19, 2020
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