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A word which is essentially a synonym for "you're a dick" but has somehow become a compliment among brainless, idle folk
Talking to a weak, defenseless person: "Why don't you go kill yourself, kid? You look like Timmy from South Park!"
Kid: **sobs**
Friends: "Yooo dude that was savage!!!"
by Thejargonexpert January 18, 2017
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a complete full out bad ass who doesn't give a shit about anything and goes full on balls deep into whatever the fuck he/she wants to. Usually a term to describe someone named "Dominic"
"Wow, Dominic is a total savage for posting that dank meme on instagram!"
by anonoymousbrother January 04, 2016
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Leaving you're adopted cousin by himself to go fuck this girl who was your best friends ex then go on explaining to your mom why yiu left him alone and how you haven't been a virgin since sophomore year
by Punk bitch danny December 07, 2016
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Adj: Merciless, brutally honest; Usually reffering to somebody who has no regard for how another person feels and doesn't hold back.
Josh: Why do you always wear a jacket all the time?
Helen: I like it its-
Eden: It's because she's fat as fuck, and the jacket help her hide it.
Josh: Straight savage.
by Czecherboard September 08, 2016
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