Means excellent more the good.

Comes from Dublin.
That song is a savage.
That film was a savage.
by Mark Keenan April 21, 2004
biggest badest motha there is, no need to say more
by Anonymous August 7, 2003
the most hard core thing or muthafucka ull ever meet.
That fuckers savage. Hes babsin it like crazy.
by niglet December 16, 2003
Awesome, radical, and various other early 90's surfer-slang words are synonyms. Usually used in conjunction with "hella."
Dude, remember when you ran into that kid and killed him? Yeah, that shit was hella savage.
by cunt April 8, 2003
as an adjective: damn, alex just pulled a savage trick on that wake! or as a noun: damn, alex is a savage.
by alex August 28, 2003
Dublin slang word for brilliant.
Also see "deadly"
that film was savage
by irishboy May 13, 2004
above all, cool, better then everyone else
by Dan July 3, 2003