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A girl who cares for others over herself. Has a great personality and lovable. Once you get to know her, you feel an unbreakable bond that will last a lifetime. She is the one who will back you up for who you are, and would never judge you off anything. Very easy to fall madly in love with her and is insanely beautiful. She treats everyone she knows like they are her own family.
When I was feeling upset, Katarina made me feel better.
by BloopBaBoop March 14, 2015
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Adjective - Sexy, beautiful, smart, intelligent, one of a kind. All men drool after her, she is exotic and dominating and knows what she wants. You fall in love with her at first glance and she is the quite possibly the most perfect woman in the world.
"Woah... check out Katarina."

"Katarina just makes me wanna..."
by mzzzzzz June 01, 2009
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*italian* - meaning pure or virginal
the most kick ass, sweet, kind , considerate, bitchy, sarcastic, beautiful woman to ever live. she is amazing.quite honestly the best person i know. she also works well with a logan.
"what exactly does katarina mean"
"umm i think its means pure and angelic"

"who's that amazing girl over there"
"oh thats katarina, but she's way out of your league"
by damn tangelos January 18, 2009
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A phycotic Serb who loves webtoons bts shipping and is constantly thinking about her crush and philosophy. Is an avid suppporter of Mileva Maric and Nikola Tesla.
Katarina: Lasher is my otp

Asher and Leah: i hate you
by Sloth llama January 11, 2018
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An awesome outgoing girl who loves soccer and has lots of loyal friends she has people who obsess over her and she has people who hate her.πŸ™ƒ
Yeah I know Katarina she’s awesome and beautiful
via giphy
by Lil KitKat May 05, 2018
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A girl who likes to suck toes but not in public! She loves a man who is a bit kink but has a pure heart. She knows how to catch horses and she flexible!! Also she is a type of girl who would have 8 toes on each foot.
Im not gonna suck your toe! Ask Katarina instead
by Kat sucks nuts May 05, 2019
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