1 {adjective}: An act that is either cool or hardcore, going beyond the normal scope of the given situation.
2 {noun}: A person who often displays savage behaviour according to the above definition
1: "Did you see the way he threw that bastard? That was savage..."
2: "Gods, Matt is a savage."
by Tahlah September 2, 2004
(adj.) A description of something done or said that is excessively mean. Often used after someone 'disses' another person.
Ms. Fowl: I miss all of my students!
Ms. Fowl: *sobbing*
Ms. Fowl: Except Sheen!
Mr. Smith: Wow, Ms. Fowl. That was savage.
by savagemaster February 16, 2015
Someone who is a major boss. Cool. Blunt and etc.
Bro I'm so savage for waking past my ex and using my '' walk past like I dont know you game '' .
by -bre- November 2, 2015
1. a shocking or amazing person/act 2. a person who doesn't care on other peoples opinions there gonna do what they want 3.a really cool person/badass 4.brutal act 5. someones that's "throwed"
ex: daymnn brah she just told the dean off that was soo savage.
ex: slim beat the crap outta that one girl it was so savage
by Scilluh November 1, 2009
a complete full out bad ass who doesn't give a shit about anything and goes full on balls deep into whatever the fuck he/she wants to. Usually a term to describe someone named "Dominic"
"Wow, Dominic is a total savage for posting that dank meme on instagram!"
by anonoymousbrother November 3, 2015
"I thought he was going to lose the fight, but then he went savage and gouged the guys eyes out and ate them"

"This term paper is sooo savage"
by Jesse & Erik July 31, 2004