Northern Ireland spide expression.

May be used instead of an expletive when telling someone to "get lost".

Similar to "take a walk".

In a club, girl approaches guy:

GIRL: I rid (slept with) you last week, now i'm pregnant!
GUY: Aye right, saunter!
by Matt McIvor January 15, 2006
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Common derry insult ahhhhh saunter on hi
hi u saunter on ur a ballbag ahhhhh....
by diarmuid April 19, 2005
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To lag, tarry, loiter, stay behind.
The group sauntered to admire the beautiful artwork of the prestigious artist.
by Larstait November 14, 2003
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To take one's time when walking. Usually used when referring to getting to class.
Cora: Dude, we have Mr. Turpin's class next. That class fucking sucks... Let's saunter.
by SquidyKitty June 14, 2015
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To walk up on co-workers without saying a word and expect recognition.
Jay gave us the beefy saunter thirteen times today. WTF!
by mikehunt6969 September 10, 2010
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The way you walk after someone pushes your testicles into your rectum during sexual intercourse, so named for the squirrel, who hides its nuts.
"That guy is walking slyly, yet demurely."

"Yes, he's doing the squirrelly saunter."


"That sex was hot last night, but today I had to squirrelly saunter into work."


"That guy dances like his balls are up his ass. He's doing the Squirrelly Saunter."
by Virgovibes December 22, 2008
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A sex act wherein a person urinates on their partner in a public park.
(Jolly Holiday, from the Mary Poppins broadway musical)
"Let's go for a jaunty saunter,
You are bound to make your mark!
Looks like all of you were born to
take a promenade in the park!"
by Grank April 4, 2011
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