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Northern Ireland spide expression.

May be used instead of an expletive when telling someone to "get lost".

Similar to "take a walk".

In a club, girl approaches guy:

GIRL: I rid (slept with) you last week, now i'm pregnant!
GUY: Aye right, saunter!
by Matt McIvor January 15, 2006
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To take one's time when walking. Usually used when referring to getting to class.
Cora: Dude, we have Mr. Turpin's class next. That class fucking sucks... Let's saunter.
by SquidyKitty June 14, 2015
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Common derry insult ahhhhh saunter on hi
hi u saunter on ur a ballbag ahhhhh....
by diarmuid April 19, 2005
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To lag, tarry, loiter, stay behind.
The group sauntered to admire the beautiful artwork of the prestigious artist.
by Larstait November 14, 2003
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