in black churches, to "tarry" means to give praise, speak in tongues or shout.
We tarried all night in service this week!

I feel so good, I have to tarry when I get to service.
by Taleahj April 18, 2011
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related through a common latin relative to "tardy", tarry means to stay in one place, probably for no good reason.
let's not tarry in this popsicle stand.
by skunkhaus May 23, 2004
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The sexiest motherfucker alive. No one known to man is sexier periodt. Also is great at Fortnite

Also refered to as Slug
Aye bro I just hung out with Tarris
by TacoDaddie January 29, 2020
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An amazing couple that is literally meant to be. They were good friends from a young age, and grew to be closer through the years resulting a classic 'I fell in love with my bestfriend' love story. <3
Zendaya: Tarry's are meant to be.

Tom Holland: What's that?
Zendaya: A couple that was a 'Fell in love with my bestfriend' story.
by Sexybitches_4life June 28, 2022
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Cheapest weed on the market.
Worst weed on the market.
I have no money and am desperate for a joint type of weed.
I've only got some tarries to smoke.
I only have a small amount of money, lets go get some tarries.
This tarries is worse than i thought.
Lets go buy 2 bags of tarries for the road.
by bobdigi-in-safa April 1, 2009
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Smoker. Possibly derived from tar-lungs or similar.

Pronounced Tah Ree, emphasis on the first syllable.
I had to wait for the bus standing up cos some tarrie was breathing smoke all over the shelter.
by Maggie Bloome August 16, 2005
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The stool deposited the day after a heavy night drinking Guinness, named for its black, sticky quality and unbroken length.
Yer man there'll be having the tarry rope tomorrow, no doubt.
by Badgerino October 14, 2011
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