short for "roger that" or "roger."

Radio code used to notify to the other party that you understand or received and acknowledge the transmission.

Can also be used in person between two or more people, but if used over texted messaging, most people won't understand because they are stupid.
Harry#1 "Harry, there is a Delia at your 6 O'clock, does she have a Fox Brav?"

Harry#2 "Negative Harry, thats not a Fox Brav, its just a nasty outbreak of scabies"

Harry#1 "Rog, thats gross"
by Dru with a U October 8, 2008
A "Rog" is someone who doesn't like brews. "Rog" is defined as "a single individual committing an act of Nultonry at a certain time or in a certain place." This can be explained through such behavior which includes hatred for: the taste of brews, the drinking of brews, the loving of brews, being intoxicated, etc..
Sometimes you can witness a "team rog," Though rarely observed in is defined as, "two or more people engaging in an act of Nultonry at a certain time or in a certain place."
Reference the facebook group: "I LOVE BREWS!"
"Hey, you need to stop being a Rog and finish your brew!"

"How is that Smirnoff Ice tasting tonight Rog?"

"Sorry guys, I have to Rog out tonight and hang out with my girlfriend, drink water, and study."

"'Who's driving tonight?' 'Oh, Rog is."

by That's a baDA! February 13, 2009
A Rog is an old person, generally over 50 with grey or little hair and long facial hair. Can be either male or female, mainly male... female would be old and wrinkly with grey hair.
Haha, check that man, what a ROG!
by IAMAROG November 25, 2011
Shortened word for “Roger” as in Roger Roger.
Mike: I’ll be ready around 3

Hunt: Rog
by K3BB0? January 5, 2022
A person who is a mixture between a Rat and a Dog
"Get away from me, Flipmore -You're such a Rog"

"What do you think of David?... I don't know he seems roggie"

"I like that girl, but, she seems a bit of a Rog"
by GRES January 29, 2015
To suddenly stop responding while in an instant message conversation with someone. Is used best when incorporated into existing sentences.

To qualify for an official Rog, there must be at least 5 minutes of silence from one party. To prevent a Rog, one can simply say 'brb'.
Rhett (8:30): Haha yeah.
Matt (8:31): Did you see The O.C. last night?
Matt (8:36): Well?
Matt (8:38): omg rog.
Matt (8:44): Did you read ROGer ebert's review in the paper this morning?
Matt (8:50): Ghost ROG: The way of the samurai

by CTSR December 4, 2005
Secret codeword meaning ugly, disgusting or just bad
"Nurse! I wish to make a complaint. Due to Dr Johnson's overenthusiastic use of the forceps, my newborn baby is an unnacceptable rog. I'd like to exchange him for a more litch specimen please."


"I have just done a poo in your toilet. The smell is unbelievably rog, but I make no apologies."


"The teecher saed my speling waz rearly wrog."
by roomwithaview86 October 10, 2006