Real men don't eat quiche; they eat sassages. So do real women. Sassages are the new fish. They are the new black.
by Sarah Shrubb March 12, 2008
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slang for a full service massage offered in a brothel posing as a legitimate massage parlor.
my dry streak went on for so long that I went and got myself a sassage.
by disgruntled hobbiest February 2, 2009
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SA-SAGE : cock, dick , willy, schlong , your moms best friend
"hey hinerman how you like that sassage in the anal passage" "oh i love it man especially steve guantts when we make out at partys and fuck each other in the brown eye"
by ell pizzle October 11, 2004
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another word for penis, cock, schlong, dong, etc.
I stuck my polish sassage in her.
by greg January 11, 2004
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A word with no signifigance but just their to answer a question you don't give a shit about.
Tom: Hey Mark, how's your girl friend doing.

by Shittles May 29, 2007
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When you feel a breeze in your shorts and realize your sassage fell between the slit in your boxers.
In class...
Jason: Dude, why are you touchin yourself?
Mark: I've got a mean case of the sassage pants!
Jason: Haha good luck
by Beautyblood August 23, 2010
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is when an individual (or a group of people whose girl to guy ratio is lacking) uncontrollably releases an unheard amount of sass on others

often mistaken for the term sausage fest
That dude is having a sassage fest right now, somebody's gotta stop him before poor Willy loses his dignity.
by devine2029 November 22, 2010
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