When the company IT person reconfigures the server, changes all the passwords, then quits.
All the computers are down; We've been sasquatched!
by MPB October 03, 2003
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The hairy, woodland beast that went after Tenacious D YEARS before the Beastie Boys hijacked the idea and used it in their Triple Trouble video.
Tango: "Hey did you see sasquatch in the new beastie video?"

Cash: "No, but I saw the same damned thing back when clinton was President, when the D did it."

Tango: "Tru."
by Cardinal September 16, 2004
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A hairy gay man who is talller than an Otter, but thinner than a Bear.
As a tall, thin man, Nick wasn't attracted to Otters, and found Bears a little too husky. Hopefully he finds a tall, athletic Sasquatch.
by justjon78 February 28, 2020
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Commonly used by mountain bikers, Sasquatch refers to when one rides off trail and into the trees or bushes
Jerry: flies off into the bushes
Everyone who saw: SASQUATCH!!!
by SendyMcSendo March 12, 2020
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An extremely large and hairy animal; usually found in Lebanon
The Sasquatch had abnormally long hairs growing from his knuckles.
by Cloudburst_Juggalo August 14, 2002
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