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a sardar is normally a person who wears a turban. mostly all sikhs (religion from india) are sardars because they all wear turbans and keep long beards and hair. which is part of their religion Sikhism.
there was a parade yesterday and there were a lot of sardar's present.

you can tell he is a proud sardar.
by pendu jatt (sarpunch) March 04, 2009
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to neglect to do thing, puts thing off to the last minute.
Person 1: Please pick up the garbage
Person 2: nah il do it later
Person 3: your such a sardar
by jack harding December 17, 2007
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• The Apex Predator (The Leader always)
• A Sikh who wears a turban. Often succeded by a 'ji'.
• A sexy beast. A chick magnet. You won't understand how sexy he is unless you're in relationship with him.
• Who's the Sardar here?
Oe Sardarji kya Khabar?
• He's a Sardar, damn.
by Francris January 02, 2017
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