A Sikh is any person whose faith consists of belief in One God, the ten Sikh Gurus, the Guru Granth Sahib(holy Book) and other scriptures and teachings of the Sikh Gurus. Additionally, he or she must believe in the necessity and importance of `Amrit’, the Sikh baptism.

There is only One God. He is the same God for all people of all religions.

The Sikh teachings are based on the principles of Fatherhood of God and brotherhood of humankind.

In a Sikh temple people of all the faiths are welcome. The Sikh holy book, Guru Granth Sahib also has in it the hymns composed by both Hindu and Muslim saints of various denominations.
Sikhs wear turbans and are not related to muslims or terrorists
by Jag November 7, 2004
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There are Sikhs who live in Afghanistan. They are Afghans and they are good people.
1. Sikhs have lived in Afghnistan peacfully.
by nature June 6, 2005
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A person who follows the religions sikhism which is from India and wears a full turban and is often considered a terrorist though we are some of the most peaceful people you will find and are definetly NOT terrorists. 90% of people who wear turbans in the US are sikhs not muslims or terrorists. Listen to some awesome music called bhangra. Are not allowed to cut their hair ever so that is the main reason for the turban. Wear the turban becasue in the past only royalty wore it and they used that power to oppress people so Sikhs wanted people to be equal so they started to wear turbans also and prevented the oppression. A lot of cab drivers in New York are also Sikh.
Guy 1: Yo, check out that guy in the turban. Hes probably a terrorist.

Guy 2: No way man your completely wrong, hes a Sikh one of the coolest religions ever from India. An ideal for Sikhism is to support all other religions also.
by GTizzle May 29, 2006
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A person who wears a turban, oftenly mistaken for a Muslim. A very peaceful, yet a warrior, person who believes in one god, spirituality, and harmonious peace. A sikh always has the last name Singh, male, or Kaur added to their names. A baptised, amritdhari, Sikh must have unshorn hair, which include a full beard, for mean, and a turban and the five K's, Kanga(comb for grooming), Kirpan(holy sword which represents bravery), kesh(uncut hair), Kachara(knee-length briefs which represent self-restrain over desires and passions), and Kara( a steel bracelet represting restrain from evil deed)
Bob:"Ey, look at the Muslim wearing a turban in public."
Jassi: "Na man, thats a Sikh man, one of the most peaceful religions in the world.
Kevin: " yea, anyone that wears a turban in America or other western countries is a Sikh 99.99% of the times. Muslims only wear turbans in their countries to show high status.
by Prince Singh November 5, 2007
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sikhs aint terrorists, they are just normal people normally you will find a sikh wearing a metal bracelet around their wrist s and from there you will know if they are sikh or anything else.

oh and no point in fighting with sikhs when it comes down to it they are rough $oldiers to the death !!!!!!!
sikhs are great people but dont start a fight dont try judging a sikh if he looks weak because when siks go sik den i feel sorry 4 u!!!!-----by the brotherhood of sikhz & niggers
by The sikh lion October 20, 2006
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(Literally the word Sikh means a student or learner) A Sikh is a member of a religious order founded by Guru Nanak Ji in the 15th century. He is a believer in one 'God' and a keeper of His 'IMAGE'. To say that SIKHISM is a branch of Hinduism is as much correct or incorrect as to say that Christianity is a branch of Judaism.
Sikhs are believers in peace. They believe in 1 God(WAHEGURU)and believe that there is only 1 God, just many names.
Sikhism teaches no religion is wrong. they are all right in their own ways.

Regions with significant populations;
• India
• United Kingdom
• Canada
• New Zealand
• United States
• Australia
• Pakistan
• Middle East
• East Africa
• Association of Southeast Asian Nations
• European Union.

Due to the turbans Sikhs wear, people in Western countries have sometimes confused Sikhs with Middle Eastern men or Muslims. This has affected Sikhs in times of conflict with elements of the Middle East. For example, during the Iranian hostage crisis when the government of Iran held Americans hostages in its own country, some people in Western countries misunderstood the Sikh turban as a turban worn by some Middle Eastern men, they did not understand it is also worn in India. After the September 11, 2001 attacks, some people associated Sikhs with terrorists or members of the Taliban. A few days after the attack, Balbir Singh Sodhi, a Sikh man, was gunned down by a person who thought that the victim had ties to Al-Qaeda. They are also seen as PAKI's by a great population of miss-understud people who seem to think that Sikhs originate from Pakistan when in actuall facts they originate from India and therefore aren't Paki's. CNN suggests that there has been an increase in hate-crimes against innocent Sikh people in the United States and the UK due to dum, retarded and racist bastards who shall die after great pain and anguish in the lowest pits of hell and suffer significent amounts of affliction, agony, anguish, anxiety, bitterness, despondency, distress, grief, heartache, hurt, malaise, misery, rack, sadness, shock, suffering, torment, torture, travail, tribulation, woe, worry, wretchedness.

Sikhs fought in both World Wars, such as, fighting in disproportionately large numbers, approximately 10 fold, in both World War One and World War Two for the allies in the liberation of Europe and displaying exceptional bravery and heroism. This resulted in them winning one of the highest per capital number of Victoria crosses for bravery, heroism and fearlessness. they faught for those same racist white bastards who now live peacefully. without us sikhs, you people would have been living as german Nazis, most of you suffering and enduring great amounts of torture.

SIKH: without us sikhs, who white people would no longer exist as you are.

WHITE PERSON: oh thank you so much your majesty. i wash your pure feet and drink the holy water. i am ever so greatful of you and your fellow, brave, indomitable Sikhs who fought for us coward white people. THANK YOU!
by Punjabi Soorma April 5, 2007
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to correct the above statement, a sikh must wear a turban to be considered a sikh. it is the identity of a sikh. the newer generation still wear the turban as to maintain the Sikh religion and represent!!!
if you would like to learn more about the great religion sikhism, there are many internet sites that will explain better than i did, such as sikhnet.com
sikhs are not terrorists, but very peaceful people that defend people in need. sikhs are some of the most friendly and nicest people.
by Punjabi lion June 28, 2004
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