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Afghans are the coolest people you will ever meet. The girls are not only hot, but have sharam and you guys probably don't know what the heck that means. The guys are also not only super hot, but they are funny and amazing (but too bad for you cause they only like afghan girls sorry dega).

Person from Afghanistan which a country close to the Middle East but not included. It is known to be the coolest country on the world, and people are very freindly except for the few luchak men who like to pinch ur koon if you walk like you have a stick up ur koon. They like tea and are known for great hospitality.
Harvard and Oxford Univeristy Studies: It has been recently found out that Afghans are the coolest people in the world.<<true story
by ThatGirlJan January 25, 2011
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afghans are not bad. You have no idea how they really are, since all you have is a contorted media image. And second, afghans are not middle eastern. The middle east is the group of countries on the oman peninsula. Afghanistan is in southwest asia, right next to china. And thanks for the comment about afghan girls, but unlike your girls, they don't lack chastity, so don't comment on their looks, or lack of it. Respect them.
The afghan hound joke was cruel, but sadly i admit it WAS kind of funny.
by Master Fu January 07, 2005
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someone who comes from afghanistan. Afghanistan literally translates to 'land of the Afghans'. however, the meaning of "afghanistan" in its purest context means "land of the aryans" this is because the aryan race stretched from south east Iran through south afghanistan and then to small regions of northern india.

They are quite a noble race, its people are very freindly and they have a reputation for being extrememly kind to their guests. The purest of afghan tribes, the pashtun are very kind people, and are not youre average afghans. they often have blue eyes, and their women are startkingly beautiful because of their purity, as one of the few remaining aryan tribes.

In afghan history, there have been many great poets, scientists, such as Avicenna Ibn Sina Balkhi, who is known to be the forefather of modern medicine. there are great poets such as Khoshal Khatak.

overall afghan people arent bad at all, forget what they are often portrayed as, towel heads, desert coons, terrorists, etc. theyre often good people. However, there are many screwed up afghans who are really extreme in their belifes and fucked everything up for the afghans.
"did you hear about that afghan?
"no, what happened?"
"i dont know, you tell me"

"zahir shah was a legend"

"remember back to the good old days in afghanistan, where we had a thriving economy, and we were friends with all the world" - an afghan man in the 60's
by afghan badman February 08, 2006
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ultra cool people that are nice and good at every thing. also like to drink tea.
Who's that ultra cool guy? Duh, he's an Afghan.
by dfhdfsh March 19, 2007
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A group of iranic people; In modern day's literature, refers to citizens of Afghanistan. Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and many other neighbor countries once were part of the glorious Persian empire. Today, Unfortunately, the word of Afghan or Afghanistan is sometimes mixed with terrorism and extremism; But in fact, Afghanistan is not a source but a victim of Wahhabi extremism (Al Qaida, Taliban).
There are a lot of afghan refugees in Iran.
by Simon 1981 April 27, 2009
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a people in central asia. afghanistan is known as the heart of asia, as its right in the middle. They are not persians as some percive. persians are iranians, and dont compare to afghans.

Afghan as someone stated is a form of cannabis that is so fucking strong its unbelievable. its not as strong as purple shit, but it fucking does its job
"afghansitan produces 90% of the worlds opium, and 68% of the worlds cannabis"

"hehehe im afghan"

"i have no fucking idea what this is but i know its some good afghan shit!!!"
by Bad Boi August 08, 2005
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