Afghans are the coolest people you will ever meet. The girls are not only hot, but have sharam and you guys probably don't know what the heck that means. The guys are also not only super hot, but they are funny and amazing (but too bad for you cause they only like afghan girls sorry dega).

Person from Afghanistan which a country close to the Middle East but not included. It is known to be the coolest country on the world, and people are very freindly except for the few luchak men who like to pinch ur koon if you walk like you have a stick up ur koon. They like tea and are known for great hospitality.
Harvard and Oxford Univeristy Studies: It has been recently found out that Afghans are the coolest people in the world.<<true story
by ThatGirlJan January 25, 2011
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The baddest people on the planet, will go to war with any of the other countries and they'll probably win. They've got the finest women in the world, the afghan men can kick all of your asses, they all carry AK 47's so don't fuck with them. AFG WILL TAKE OVER THE NEXT CENTURY SO WATCH OUT!!!
White people: You Afghan's got tremendous dicks...but I don't believe it.
by Blaal July 11, 2004
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A group of people who have many misconceptions through media, often labeled as a middle eastern country with fanatical Muslim extremists. In fact Afghanistan is a part of central Asia, which has many different groups of people which inhabit the region, 40% are pushtuns, these people are often referred to as the 'proper afghans' as pushtun translated into Persian means afghan, however they are not native to the land or region there are some theories that indicate that they are a part of the lost tribes of Israel. There are also Tajiks which inhabit 30% of the population, they are persians as the word tajik is a turkic words meaning non turkic. there are are also hazaras, uzbeks. turkmen * two types, one is hazara turkmen and some are turkmen) and kyrgz (sometimes apart of the hazaras) these groups are turks with ancestry from the turkic regions of central Asia.
Afghans what a complex, dynamic people they are!
by cleveranon May 18, 2015
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A person who is of the Irano-Afghan race. Their county is located in the Middle East, and not in South Asia. It is a Western Asian country, and a Central Asian. They speak either Pashto or Farsi, or sometimes both. They are not South Asian because of their location and DNA tests taken from them. Some people will say it is South Asian, and not Middle Eastern, but that is politically and geographically incorrect. Pakistan has a group of Afghans who live on the Western side of Pakistan. They speak Pashto because that area used to be apart of Afghanistan (which is why these people are really lighter in skin compared to the rest of Pakistan, which is Indian).

If anyone argues this fact, I strongly recommend that you do your research, and find out on your own if you do not believe this fact. Do not trust Google, though, or Wikipedia, for they can be edited by anyone. Also, go look at Afghanistan’s history, and look at where these afghans come from. You can, also, find these facts in professional documentaries found on YouTube.

Also, Afghans are called “Afghans”, not “afghanis”. Also, Afghans are not brown, they are of Iranian descent, and are of the Irano-Afghan race. If you wish to not believe this, be my guest, but these are facts.

I have a masters in Anthropology, which shows that this is my career, studying humans, and it’s diferent races, and where these races come from.
Kareem is an Afghan.”
“I asked Jabar what’s his nationality is. He told me he is Afghan.”
by HumanAnthropologist January 31, 2019
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Someone who is foreign and considered dangerous. Originates from the taliban fighters in the war in Afghanistan.
That Afghan just stabbed me.
by K-Bomb June 10, 2008
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A powerfull weapon in the Half-Life mod called Counter Strike.

Many nerds try to save their money to buy an Afghan to kill then enemy team.

Afghans dont come cheap, but make up for that with their extreme amounts of nuclear power.
In the CS (Counter-Strike) community there are a group of Afghan whores who strive to buy heaps of Afghans in wars.

If an elite team of CS nerds gets their hands on a few Afghans, the enemy team is in for some ass-whooopin.
Example 1:
CS Player #1: OMG i have been saving for 4 rounds to buy me an Afghan... Finally!
CS Player #2: STFU Noob, you Afghan whore! Go suck your Afghan now n00b.

Example 2: ( Scene: CS war at a LAN )
Clan1|Leader (Terroists): Hurry up and buy some f*ckink Afghan guys and use its nuclear power to take the bombsite!
Clan1|Player2 (Terriosts): Your a huge nerd
by Demon February 3, 2005
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afghans are not bad. You have no idea how they really are, since all you have is a contorted media image. And second, afghans are not middle eastern. The middle east is the group of countries on the oman peninsula. Afghanistan is in southwest asia, right next to china. And thanks for the comment about afghan girls, but unlike your girls, they don't lack chastity, so don't comment on their looks, or lack of it. Respect them.
The afghan hound joke was cruel, but sadly i admit it WAS kind of funny.
by Master Fu January 7, 2005
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