an Arabic person. or someone from the middle east.
a terrorist(sand nigger.
by holycow1 December 2, 2008
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a person with dark skin that is not from african descent but from the arab nations where lots of sand is present sometimes where turbans and talk with funny accents.
Justin: Ha look at that fucking sand nigger over there
James: yeah what a complete fuck tell him to go back to his home land in the sand
Justin: Shitt! run he's got an AK-47
by cwjjjhcm May 29, 2009
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The same qualifications as a nigger but either a Muslim or from Egypt usually smell like shit
EX: ew, you see that sand nigger over there

ya, his name is Amr he smells like fucking piss
geez I hope he doesn't have a bomb on him
by nigger rider 69 August 7, 2019
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"Better a nigger than a sand-nigger."
by Dave November 1, 2004
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A sand dwelling, turban wearing, camel fucking, holier than thou. Bombers of innocent women & children and buildings. They all should be killed fucking slowly! We should all do the world a favor and turn their piece of shit country into one big parking lot!
The sand nigger that works down the road at the Chevron sucks!
by Michael Clay Smith Jr. March 6, 2008
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Sand niggers have a very bigoted view of their religion. They proclaim that their religion, in contrast to the thousands of differing religions, societies, cults around the world, that Islam is somehow the example of being the most righteous, true, and purified of sin, and therefore, EVERYBODY has to be a worshipper of Islam, or die.

To help mitigate the restless mobs rioting over food, shelter, and medical supplies, they point their fingers at examples of western civilization, countries of Europe or most likely, North America, in order to transfer the blame of why they live in such a bomb-strewn dusty shit-hole on those with more money than them, and get three meals a day.
The sand niggers were angry over the power shortage caused by their own suicide bombers destroying the local power plant, so they took off their shoes and threw them at pictures of President Bush.
by C Tan October 9, 2006
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1) Noun; A scapegoating slang term correctly used by white males referring to Arabs of the world (usually directly after a terrorist bombing or some other national tragedy occurs without knowing who the perpetrator is).

2) Noun; A business proprietor of either a convenience store or gas station in the Detroit Metro area possessing undesirable personal characteristics, limited education, few personal values, and bad manners. Usually a first generation immigrant (illegal) from any of the Arab nations.
1) Honey, did you hear about the car bomb that just went off in New York ? Freakin' sand nigger !!

2) Man, I just ran up to the corner store to grab some beer and smokes and got ripped off again by that sand nigger.
by boomer323 June 21, 2010
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