a sand nigger is what’s called a vikkstar kids pedophile
damn vikkstar is a fucking sand nigger he has so many kids in his basement
by japan nigger. September 24, 2019
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It’s like nigger but for an Arabic or middle eastern person.
Bro 1: dude our troops are kicking the hell outta those sand niggers in Afghan.
Bro 2: yeah I hope all sand niggers die
by Alpha big boy September 23, 2018
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A sand nigger is a middle easter nigger.
That sand nigger is selling kababs.
by Nigerrr February 12, 2021
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a person who lives in the middle east that have a gun
All those sand niggers keep killing our troops.
by Paul Petty May 20, 2008
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Is some one generally from the Middle East includes Arabs, Turks, Berbers and Iranians used in an especially racist manner.
Fuck off you Tuareg sand nigger
by Errick Watt November 25, 2015
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