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A boner men get when they’re around the girl that they see as the hottest girl in their opinions. Eternal boners can happen from a guy looking at a super hot nude girl on porn, seeing a naked hot in person when they’re about to have sex with them, or seeing their crush naked whatever if it’s in porn or real life.
Me: Man, I cannot stop thinking about Matilde. Every time I see her naked pictures and videos from her Onlyfans, I feel like I get an eternal boner. If I see her naked in person, I’d really have an eternal boner.

Person: Dude, you’re obsessed with her. You wouldn’t last one second having sex with her.

Me: Yes, but I’d still have a huge boner after cumming. I bet I could cum multiple times.

Person: Yeah, right.
by Excrushman January 3, 2021
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A sexy gaming and reaction YouTuber with a nice rack that makes many YouTube videos playing games, doing life hacks, and reaction to many different types of videos such as Karen videos, Dhar Mann videos, satisfying videos, TikToks, true story animation videos, etc. SSSniperwolf is an amazing and funny YouTuber. She has a hot body and a nice rack, but she won’t do nudes which is respectable. The biggest problem with her channel is the fact that it’s filled with so many bots writing the same comments over and over.
Fan: Man, this YouTuber SSSniperwolf is so hot af. I wish she would go nude, but I do respect her choice not to. Anyway, her videos are so fun to watch. They’re hilarious.

Fan 2: She’s attractive, and I love the Karen videos. Those make me laugh the most.
Fan 3: I love her videos, but I really despise that her videos are filled with bots making the same comments over and over. It’s very annoying af.
by Excrushman July 20, 2021
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A second cousin that isn’t blood related even though second cousins are barely blood related.
Man, I just found out that my second cousin isn’t my second cousin. She’s my step second cousin cause she’s not blood related to me.
by Excrushman November 7, 2020
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A cousin that shares a same pair of great great grandparents. Most people never met their third cousins. There’s plenty of people that never even met their second cousins.
I’m meeting my third cousin tomorrow who I’ve never even met before.
by Excrushman November 7, 2020
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Having a crush on a second cousin. To have strong feelings towards a second cousin. It’s better and less weird than crushing on a first cousin or a sister. It’s legal to marry a second cousin in most places in the world. It’s still weird and considered a taboo according to certain people. Having a crush on a second cousin can result a higher risk of getting rejected compared to having a crush on a non-relative.
(Texting during October 22nd, 2018)
Me: Hi
Second Cousin: Hello, who is this?
Me: (Says my name)
Second Cousin: Oh, hi.
(They greet each other)
Me: I have to tell you something. Do you wanna here it?
Second Cousin: Sure
Me: It’s pretty long. I want you to take your time to read it.
Second Cousin: Okay
Me: (Explains deep feelings towards her)
Second Cousin: I really appreciate you telling me all of this. With that being said, I’m not interested. I don’t want things to get too weird between us and hopefully, we’ll become friends/cousins.

Me: Well, I’m not looking for a relationship right now. I just want you to understand how I feel about you.
Second Cousin: I understand. Thank you for telling me.
Me: You’re welcome. I just don’t know how I’m supposed to handle these feelings.
Second Cousin: Okay
Me: If most girls in the world look like you, life would be prettier.
Second Cousin: Thanks
Me: You’re welcome.

(Even though the second cousin crush nicely rejected the guy that has a crush on her, he still took the pain so hard which affected him negatively.)

(Complaining to friends about the rejection)
Me: My crush rejected me. I don’t know what to do with my life!
Friend: Well, she’s not interested. I mean she’s your cousin after all.
Me: I don’t give a fuck if she’s my second cousin! She’s all I fucking want!
Friend: Relax dude. Try not to obsess on it. Think about something else like airplanes.
by Excrushman February 22, 2020
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A pornstar that’s not a professional pornstar and usually does porn on Onlyfans and amateur porn. They tend to run themselves rather than be run by the porn industry. Some semi-pornstars often show their body and don’t usually have sex in their videos. Many Instagram models are semi-pornstars.
Friend #1: Damn, this chick from Onlyfans is the hottest chick ever. She’s way better than all of these pornstars.

Friend #2: She’s a semi-pornstar on Onlyfans. She only shows her body and does small lesbian scenes with her friends. She doesn’t suck any dick. She’s still extremely hot though.

Friend #3: It would be amazing if she sucks dick on Onlyfans.
by Excrushman March 22, 2021
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Hey did you know that a lot of men in the USA and Israel have a Seth Rogen Penis?
by Excrushman June 7, 2020
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