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A grandparent’s sibling. A gender-neutral term for great-uncle/great-aunt.
One of my non-biological great-piblings has a super sexy granddaughter that I had a crush on. She’s not my second cousin.
by Excrushman October 28, 2022
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A serial killer king from Game of Thrones that has done lots of horrible shit throughout the first four seasons. Fortunately, he died in season 4 episode 2 due to poisoning.
My mother: Joffrey Baratheon is a serial killer. I hate that guy.

Me: I’m glad he died in season four episode 2.
by Excrushman August 12, 2021
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Another way of sayingfuck you” or “your mom”.
Me: Where’s the other bike?
My half-cousin: Up your butt!
Me: Where’s the other bicycle!?
My half-cousin: Up your butt!
My half-cousin’s second cousin: (Laughs really hard)
by Excrushman August 26, 2022
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A very nice man that is an intactivist that fights against circumcision. He is fighting to help end circumcision around the world.
Brother K is truly inspiring. I hope him and his followers meet their goal to end the barbaric act of circumcision worldwide.
by Excrushman February 9, 2021
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A pornstar that’s not a professional pornstar and usually does porn on Onlyfans and amateur porn. They tend to run themselves rather than be run by the porn industry. Some semi-pornstars often show their body and don’t usually have sex in their videos. Many Instagram models are semi-pornstars.
Friend #1: Damn, this chick from Onlyfans is the hottest chick ever. She’s way better than all of these pornstars.

Friend #2: She’s a semi-pornstar on Onlyfans. She only shows her body and does small lesbian scenes with her friends. She doesn’t suck any dick. She’s still extremely hot though.

Friend #3: It would be amazing if she sucks dick on Onlyfans.
by Excrushman March 23, 2021
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A very beautiful and friendly girl born in the country of Uruguay. Uruguayan girls are friendly and polite like Canadian girls. Most of them are super beautiful.
I love my crush that’s a Uruguayan girl. She’s so cute and sexy.
by Excrushman April 8, 2022
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