1. The browsing before an exchange of goods or services for an amount of money or its equivalent
2. The action of going in search of a good deal.
3. An opportunity for one to barter or negotiate a price for the audience around them
4. To be in search of a sale or discounted prices for items and services
5. To view before buying
I will be garage saling all day. (One could then determine they are out looking for good deals at a garage sale)

I heard there is a big shoe sale on at the mall! Lets go shoe saling.

I've been tv saling for weeks but I think I finally found the right one!(searching for a good deal)

Lets go saling. (The act of going out in search of all forms of items or goods at better costs then would normally)

I've been saling the mall for weeks and I finally think I found the right dress.

If I have to keep shoe saling with my wife and need to keep buying them I'm gonna explode.( in the process of finding shoes at cheap prices)
by Jstizzy June 07, 2013
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