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A beautiful girl that looks similar to Snow White. She has black hair, freckles, athletic and fast runner. She is smart and she is capable of easily making friends. She is kind but fragile and loves everything in the world but Trump.
Girl 1: Your so lucky to have a friend like Salee
Girl 2: She probably would want to meet you she is very friendly
by Alexandra92626 January 25, 2017
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She is a perfect human being who is always there and always knows what to say. She is outgoing and a really fun person to be around, she keeps her promises and her fashion is golden if you have a friend named SaLee in your life keep her forever because she’s perfect!
SaLee is Perfect!
by Kristineegirl June 24, 2018
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A girl who fucks over awesome artist types.
Guy 1 : hey so what happened to your girl brother?
Guy 2 : she fucked up
Guy 1: uh oh, did she salee?
Guy 2: yup
Guy 1: ah , dick move
by myhk October 12, 2008
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