Safe is an english word which is used to represent somebody who is a person that can be trusted and will have your back - it will be used in other texts but they are not correct.
Oi seckle this is my bredrin, hes safe, seckle!
by Pau February 03, 2005
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A container usually with a lock that is used to store valuables.
Banks usually keep all their money in a safe.
by Billip November 07, 2005
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slang for condoms, used to eliminate any awkwardness in a social situation where you don't want everyone around to know what you are saying.
example 1
girl; "Damn I'm out of safes, do you have any?"
guy; "yeah, don't worry about it, I got this."

example 2
"there's no way he's getting anywhere tonight without safes"
by acrosome January 12, 2012
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Used to describe a situation in which things turn out good.
Dude 1, "I think I'm going to hired for that new job I applied for."

Dude 2, "safe"
by noname June 27, 2004
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when something or someone is so respectable,they are regarded as safe. Also see sick and dappa
"Those nikey shox are totally safe"
"Bazza you is safe bro"
by sanka March 12, 2004
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