Saves: To call "saves" means that you get the last of whatever that person is consuming. However, if the person calls "no saves" before you call saves, then you call saves,that person gets to continue consuming their food/drink. Not only do they continue eating/drinking, but they automatically get saves on what you eat/drink next. You are only allowed to call saves if you can see the food on your victim.
Matt: Mmm, can't wait to eat these Doritos!
Slime: Saves.
Matt: Damn it.

Slime: Mmm, cant wait for this Mountain Dew! No saves.
Matt: Saves. Oops! Damn it!
Slime: Lol!!
by Matt_the_slime_slayer June 21, 2016
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Safe meaning British slang for something being fine or good.
Donny 1: "Just picked up a gram"
Donny 2: "Ah that's Safe"
by KashyKans June 10, 2019
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A friend or close confidant that you prearrange to accompany you to an event when the social situation is uncertain.
I need a safe here early for my party tomorrow. I don't want my other guest to be uncomfortable being the first to arrive.

I'm going to a bar with a group of people i just met, will you be my safe?
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The word is used in a variety of contexts mainly when it is referring to someone you think of as a friend, as a greeting and as a way of saying thank you. The word is derived from the idea of literally being 'safe' when you are with a person, the idea that you will come to no harm.
He is safe, do not hit him.
Safe for letting me borrow your pencil.
Safe, I will speak to you tomorow.
by Gooneytoon May 12, 2008
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can be used as a greeting or as a thankyou
Safe man: hello man or Safe dude: thanks dude
by XSqueekX January 31, 2007
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