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A super wealthy town in Bergen County, New Jersey. Saddle River rivals some of the countries wealthiest towns such as Bel Air, Greenwich and Atherton. The town's demographics are 95% white, the other 5% consists of blacks. But not black surgeons or lawyers, blacks who got lucky and make it into the pop industry. Saddle River is home to Russell Simmons and his soon to-be-ex-wife Kimora Lee Simmons (designer of 'urban-couture' brand Baby Phat), Rev Run (Joseph Simmons) and his family and Jason Kidd (not totally black, he is bi-racial). Russell and Kimora both live on Fox Hedge Road while Joseph Simmons (Russell's brother) resides on Wildwood Drive. Saddle River, although recently inhabited by trash is still a beautiful place to raise kids. School's are amazing although most parents send their kids to private school. But once you hit 18 and you receive your trust fund get out of Saddle River as fast as possible! There is nothing to do in that town, especially if you're a yuppie. As well as great schools Saddle River is laced with some fantastic estates. Alford Road, Ackerman Drive and the sought after location of Chestnut Ridge are home to magnificent estates; but don't expect to catch much of a glimpse at these beautiful homes without personally knowing the owner. The homes, atleast any home that costs 2 million or more (which is about every home) are surrounded by 6 foot tall hedges as well as wrought iron gates at the foot of the driveways. To top it off there are usually security cameras perched on the tall gates watching your every move. The only time you can catch a sneak peak at these amazing homes is in the winter when all the leaves are off, but most of the mansions have ever-green trees around their property which retain their leaves year-long. All in all, Saddle River is a beautiful place to raise your kids or retire to when you are older; but if your not making atleast 150k a year don't think about moving here, you might want to settle for Frankling Lakes or North Caldwell.
*2 people taking a trip. 1 lives in saddle River and the other is unfamiliar with Saddle river and they are driving down E. Saddle River Road.**
Person 1: Oh my gosh, look at that house!!
Saddle River Resident: That house is only 13,000 sq. ft though? There are much larger homes, drive through Alford Road or Fox Hedge Road. Those homes are easily 25,000+.
Person 1: Wow, I never knew homes were THAT huge.

by m954 May 26, 2008
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A very rich town in Bergen County, New Jersey, and one of the richest towns on the east coast. Mainly all white but has a few blacks who might as well be white. Everyone is preppy and beautiful, drives very expensive cars like mercedes, bentleys, and don't forget the ferrari and rolls royce in the garage. Kids are spoiled and stuck up and wear lacoste, seven, abercrombie, ralph lauren, etc.. If you have money Saddle River is the place to live, just as rich but not quite as stuffy and boring as westchester county.
Franklin Lakes teen 1: Hey I met these guys from Saddle River and they invited us to go on their yacht this weekend.

Franklin Lakes teen 2: omg Franklin Lakes is mad lame compared to Saddle River, wish I lived there.
by nj12345 October 01, 2010
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