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The wealthiest neighborhood in all of West Virginia per capital. A very nice area in the hills overlooking both Charleston and South Charleston. People here live in a bubble, without any bit of reality that the state they live in is poverty ridden let alone the city below them. People here act proud to be 'West Virginian' but are clueless on how bad this state actually is. They live in their homes overlooking the city and just leave whenever, mostly to their second homes in Florida. People in South Hills have no reality of how economically bad West Virginia as a whole is, most aren't even from here, just living the high life with low cost of living and only living here a fraction of the year for tax purposes. It's even worse in the neighborhoods Quail Creek and Fox Chase, lavish hotel sized mansions, only to go through an extremely low income area until they re enter the bubble.
by ;l asdfl May 12, 2020
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Where the wealthy people of Charlotte choose to live. South Charlotte is THE area to live in Charlotte. The richest neighborhoods are the Seven Eagles neighborhood, which backs up to Quail Hollow Country Club, South Park, and of course, Myers Park. Designer shopping is plentiful, just go to South Park Mall and you have it all from Louis Vuitton to Gucci to Tiffany & Co. Many of the kids in the area go to either Charlotte Latin, Providence Day, or Country Day which all have tuitions that cost more than most colleges. European cars are everywhere, while stopped at a light you will more than likely see at least 10 Mercedes, BMWs, etc. around you. Lots of people here have some type of plastic surgery, botox being the most common. Even though Charlotte is a Southern city it doesn't feel Southern at all because most of the people that live here are from other places all over the country. Charlotte is becoming a very trendy city, but if you live then South Charlotte is the place to be.
Quail Hollow Resident- How do you like living in South Charlotte so far?

Newly Arrived Los Angeles resident- I love it here! It's pretty much exactly like the west side. Mansions, mercedes, and designer shopping. what more could a person want??

Quail Hollow Resident- Glad you're happy here, we will have to go shopping and to the club one day.
by ;l asdfl December 16, 2010
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A section in northern Atlanta that is filthy rich, but has some parts that are richer than others. Full of hot people, huge houses, and awesome cars.
You live in Buckhead so you must be loaded!
by ;l asdfl December 26, 2011
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A very rich town in Bergen County, New Jersey, and one of the richest towns on the east coast. Mainly all white but has a few blacks who might as well be white. Everyone is preppy and beautiful, drives very expensive cars like mercedes, bentleys, and don't forget the ferrari and rolls royce in the garage. Kids are spoiled and stuck up and wear lacoste, seven, abercrombie, ralph lauren, etc.. If you have money Saddle River is the place to live, just as rich but not quite as stuffy and boring as westchester county.
Franklin Lakes teen 1: Hey I met these guys from Saddle River and they invited us to go on their yacht this weekend.

Franklin Lakes teen 2: omg Franklin Lakes is mad lame compared to Saddle River, wish I lived there.
by ;l asdfl October 2, 2010
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Basically the best high school in all of Charlotte. It's in the best area, I mean who doesn't want to live in Ballantyne. Most of the kids there live in huge multi-million dollar mcmansions in the country club but a few live in older developments from the 90's that happened to fall into the district. A lot of the kids wonder over to carolina place mall in the after noons or crowd into starbucks at ballantyne village.
Ardrey Kell High School student 1: Hey, wanna go to the mall after school.

Ardrey Kell High School student 2: Yeah! but let's go by starbucks first.
by ;l asdfl June 13, 2010
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The other rich part of Miami, next to South Beach. Coral Gables is an awesome neighborhood south of the city, also known as "The Gables". Coral Gables is full of beautiful gated mansions, and if it's on the water there is without a doubt a yacht docked in the back. You can see pretty much any kind of car from bentleys and rolls royces to the occasional bugatti driving around. Your typical coral gables teenager will always be dressed head to toe in designer and name brand clothes, and texting on their iphone or blackberry while driving their range rover through cocoplum. The mothers shop at village at merrick park frequently and fill the trunk of their S-class or bentley continental each time. All in all Coral Gables is an amazing place to live.
Coral Gables resident: We decided to move to Coral Gables because it is much more classy and less touristy than Miami Beach.
by ;l asdfl April 9, 2011
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