the newest phone from Motorola,avaliable in Black,Pink and Silver,phone looks tight and its very thin,but its buttons have to be pressed way too hard,other than that,its a bomb azz phone
i got me my new black RAZR.....along with 6 million other people in the US
by tha truth teller March 13, 2006
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From motorola razr, it means really thin.
Girl: Geez that girl is hella razr.
by Sweet Home January 22, 2006
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The phone that Paris Hilton sports. (and also some millions of anorexic chicks and other dumb people)
This Razr makes me sick. Yuck it shouldn't be so thin. I like my thick Nokias. Go Nokias! Boo you anorexic phones!
by ManYouLuv September 28, 2006
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A Phone Made By Motorola. Pretty Much Became A Symbol To Represent All Cell Phones, As You Will See It Shown On Ringtone Commercials. When It Came Out Nearly Everybody Got It And Thought It Was The Best Phone Ever. After About A Year Everyone Got Tired Of It And Now Think That It's Crap.
September 12, 2006,

John: Dude I Got That New RAZR Phone!

Mike: No Way, I Heard That Phone Is The Shit!

July 3, 2009,

Mike: Hey, I Need To Borrow Your Phone Real Quick.

John: Okay. *hands over RAZR*

Mike: You Still Have This Piece Of Shit? *throws phone on ground*
by GadgetFlow July 11, 2009
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A phone made by Motorola that basically breaks every time that it falls from a height of 2 inches or if it gets near anything that is considered water, it will probably break on you at least 5 times and your phone company will get tired of replacing it and tell you that your fucked and you got to buy a new better phone and a high price.
Guy 1: I just got a new Razr its pretty sweet

Guy 2: Dont drop it on the carpet or anything that is harder than a marshmallow cause' itll break or the screen will stop working or something else will fail horribly and you will be fucked.

Guy 1: shit..
by Grimm117 October 12, 2009
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A shitty "slim" phone from Motorola, plagued by fit and finishing problems. Never should have been released with all its problems.
My Razr keeps freezing up and I have to take the battery off to restart it.
by Nachomama August 16, 2006
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The sexiest phone ever, even though it has nothing cool on it. Except it looks cool, so I bought a pink one, only I should have bought the limited edition Dolce and Gabbana gold one and it was only thirty dollars more and I got the gay pink one..I'm a moron..
Me:Hey I just got a RAZR cuz I trashed my old phone
Jill:That's cool, is a good phone?
Me:Ehh..not really, but it looks really cool!
Jill:Oh, well I guess that works.
by LeahLovesCollin May 5, 2008
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