A phrase. Used in reaction to someone or something disappointing/annoying you. Clearly expresses such emotions.
We the ref of a game clearly miss calls a penalty.

"Oh Come On!?"
by mcbreeden March 15, 2016
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A catchphrase by balloon from the object show Inanimate Insanity.
Balloon: Yes! I can’t believe it
(Horror sound effect)
Salt: Like, OMG, you liked, talked.
Balloon: Well, now that I’ve joined the season, I figured I might as well start saying actual stuff again.
Salt: But, nobody like, likes you, like.
Toilet: Here is those wires you needed, Mistah Phone, oh my gosh, Balloon, Nobody likes you.
Balloon: “OH COME ON!”
by Object Show Lover April 23, 2023
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Person A: Have you heard the song 'Oh Comely'?

Person B: No, it sounds weird.
Person A: Well then you have no soul
by Where_am_I November 6, 2018
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something dream (the minecraft youtuber) says when someone isn’t showing their full potential, or he’s annoyed, or somethings bs. he says it in his sexy deep voice 😻 that makes everyone love it. he also says ‘oh god’ and ‘alright’ in the same voice and everyone goes crazy for it
~while speedrunning~
ghast: *shooting fireballs*
dream: oh come on now..
by notdream October 8, 2020
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its is a phrase said very quickly in a cuban or puerto rican accent that is used when adressing a girl to look at your penis when it is in a more erect state then to judge you by your limp bird.
babe hold on it gets bigger dont leave sweehawt oh come on check it out baby
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1) The need to stop what you doing immediately and chill out.

2) the act of playing lost or completely unaware
Him: my wife out of town for the weekend and my ex just text me

You: uh oh Andy’s coming
by The_real_izzy May 6, 2022
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the thiccest lad known to mankind
Friend A: "The big chungus is one of the thiccest beings in the universe."

Friend B: "No. My cat is the thiccest being."

*cat walks in*

Friend A: "oh lawd he coming"
by liskkoz March 31, 2019
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