A small redneck town located near Cairns in far north Queensland, Australia. It is the inbreeding capital of far north Queensland.
Sometimes called 'A-town'.
WARNING: This nicknaming is commonly used by white trash, douche bags, and the under educated.
Mostly inhabited by redneck townsfolk, farmers and rich Italian families that run most of the local businesses around town.
On any given weekday all of the stores close after 8:00pm, except for the 24 hour gas station, which seems to be a popular hangout for the younger rednecks. Popular local activities include staring at the non-locals and driving like a fucking moron. If you're into nightlife the local pubs offer live DJ's that play all of your favourite radio songs every third Friday of the month. The pubs make a special effort to stay open until 1:30 or 2:00AM to cater for this event.
Saturdays and Sundays are not acknowledged in Atherton. Mondays are the new Sunday.
"Where are you from?"

"A-town is da best place in da world". - local.
by blackdog88 September 20, 2017
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Being the most expensive zip code in the country and with the highest per capita income of any city in the world, Atherton is where rich people work before retiring to places for old people such as Rancho Santa Fe (cheaper) or Palm Springs (also cheaper). It is seperated into 3 main areas, the area south of Alameda, where Larry Ellison and a few other billionaires live, the midtown area which includes normal people in normal houses that just happen to retail for around 3 Million each, at the cheapest, and the COMPARABLY stank ass area north of El Camino, which includes Lindenwood, a knockoff of midtown, which is impossible to navigate. It is still better than Hillsborough. Other neighboring knockoffs of Atherton include Woodside and Palo Alto, which are the only comparably nice areas, and Menlo Park, which is identical to Atherton except for the addition of businesses, sidewalks, and postage stamp sized lots. In Portola Valley, everyone knows each other (in a creepy way) and no flowers grow because otherwise Portola Valley wouldn't be an ugly shithole, which it undoubtably is. Being an Athertonian is sometimes annoying, as telling people that you are from Atherton puts you prone to constant mooching. In summary, Atherton is much nicer than where you live. The End.
Portola Valley is like Atherton, except with pretentious, genetically inferior scum. And no plants.

Atherton is where Laguna Beach should be shot, because one Athertonian man from South Atherton could buy both the city of Laguna Beach, and all the cast members from the show. And they would still have enough to buy Haiti.
by Joqueefbo Lapuista Jackson January 2, 2006
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Hometown. The best city in the world. Although there's no noise, EVER! About 7,000 people mostly adults over the age of 50. Exactly the place I wish to remain for the rest of my life. Oh and Beverly Hills and Starfish Island might be more famous but those are only movie stars and celebrities who live there. Here, there are regular people with bigger bank accounts than usual.
Damn, you live in Atherton? You must be rich!
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One of the wealthiest towns in the world. However its more low key neighbors, Portola Valley, Woodiside, and Hillsborough, have much higher median incomes than the snobs of this town. While it may have a couple of billionaires, which raises their overall median income, this town would be no greater than Los Altos, without them. Oh yes, and their overly pretentious residents love to flaunt a meretricious display of superiority.

Having money doesn't you have class...
sincerely, Portola Valley/Woodside (where the old money is)
Carlos: oh man, your from Atherton??
John: yep
Carlos: whats it like?
John: well we won the lottery a while back and my family decided to move to a town with people like us. We spent all our money and now were in debt like the majority of our Athertonian neighbors.

Carlos: huh....

(if only it were this clear)
by thePVw.a.s.p. November 4, 2009
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Nicknamed Athy (Pronounced A-v). A small town in Manchester with schools and churches like St Philips, New Life, Chowbent, St Georges, Atherton Baptist Church, Atherton Methodist Church, etc. Laura White comes from there. It has shops and parks.
You going down Atherton?
by MysteryAdder March 2, 2012
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v - To always know

If one thinks, one does not already know an answer. And if he thinks, he is not sure of himself. To not have confidence in one's ability to fail. Therefore --- One who thinks, fails. One who Athertons, never fails

N - Someone who always knows

Contridicts "Cognito ergo sum"; Because if someone always knows, he must never think. He who does not think, is not. Therefore --- Atherton does not think, so he must not exist. But he does exist, proven in the physical reality.
Verb -

Jon: "Oh man, Erica jsut asked me out! I didn't even know she liked me!"
Wayne:"Nah, I atherton-ed that. She had been giving sign of it for years."

Noun -

Look at Atherton over there. He's so skilled at soccer. He knows everything about it!!
by Kelly the NAKU February 13, 2011
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Atherton is the most expensive zip code in the United States, featured in Forbes Magazine yearly for the ridiculous house pricing. Homes in Atherton range from 3 million to 25 million, averaging around $7,000,000. Home to some of the most powerful men and women in technology in the world, such as the CEO of Ebay, YouTube, HP, Google, and Larry Ellison, being wealthy in Atherton means being a multi-billionaire. 17 year olds drive Ferraris.

So basically, to live in A-town, you must be rich, white, and go to a private school that costs +25,000
He lives in Atherton, daaaamn he must be a fucking billionaire.

Did you know that YouTube was founded above Applewood Pizza, only minutes away from Atherton?

Fuck man, he must be so spolid he's from Atherton.
by Frank Gupppy February 9, 2007
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