83 definitions by steph

Teacher: You have a four page paper due tomorrow

Student: MERPH!
by steph April 19, 2005
Ronaldo= fit, gorge, sexy, delicious, fruity basically anything that discribes good looking & great player

He is sooooooooooooooooo fine n definatly gets 100 outta 100
ronaldo is the definition of fittest man alive.
very fit guy that is great @ playin footy
by steph August 31, 2004
The bong that "consumes" you when you smoke out of it
i was consumed by the purple people eater, alexis and i smoked together the first time ever outta it..and look where we are now :-)
by steph January 23, 2005
a person with two different souls stuck inside of them with two totally different personalities
if you are schizophrenic, one minute you'll be happy and smiling, then the next minute, you'll be in tears
by steph March 21, 2005