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A time spent laughing your pathetic life. You are so depressed, that it's funny and your sadness turns into a good time, hence the name.
"Me and Nicole just sat in my car and cracked up about how pathetic we were."
"It sounds like you had fun."
"No, it was a sad good time."
by Sara Keith November 22, 2008

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Essentially the epitome of high school. No other time in life does one constantly step on food every time they walk besides in the awkward stage of high school. Cheetos specifically pertain to high school, seeing as they are just about the most juvenile snack someone can crunch on. The word can also refer to any other ridiculous aspect of life which is unique to a high school campus.
Nicole: "Ew,I just stepped on a cheeto or something."
Sara: "What other time in life do you step on cheetos?"
Nicole: "That's all high school is: Stepping on Cheetos."
Sara: "Get me out of here."
by Sara Keith April 08, 2009

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A terrible and suffocating atmosphere, specifically pertaining to those generated by the whole high school scene (i.e., Sadie's, Homecoming, spirit rallies, the SPL, etc.). Usually something lame and pathetic occurs which makes one cringe at the sight.
"Nicole and I were shamefully hanging out at the SPL in my car and having a sad good time when these teenage boys started doing pop a wheelies on their bikes in the middle of the parking lot at, like, 11:00 at night. We couldn't even believe what we were seeing. Then the windows starting fogging up from our incessant laughter, which made the whole experience even more surreal. And the whole thing was illuminated by an orange street light. It was like The Twilight Zone."
by Sara Keith April 08, 2009

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