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A beautiful perfect girl that is very cheery and always lightens up the room. She is very pretty. She is known to be hyper and never shuts up. It can also be an adjective of being very obnoxious and loud or someone who is always putting a smile on someone's face with her dumb but hilarious statements.
noun- Christianna always turns a dull moment into a party.

-Dude Christianna is so hot!

-I love hanging out with Christianna, we always have such a good time!

adjective- The christianna girl doesn't know how to turn down her volume.

- That girl was so funny and loud we called her Christianna
christianna gorgeous sweet
by Clairelove October 22, 2013
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a girl who is cool, but a bitch at the same time, the best friend you could ever have. Christianna iz AMAZZING!!!!
by DioR_loverr August 07, 2008
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