The life of the party, everyone wants to be her friend. High key shy, low key an extrovert once you get to know her. She'll knock you the f*** out. Only if you make her mad. Or steal her food. Slight hoe.
Person 1: "Did you hear what Saby did the other day? She punched Rebecca in the face for stealing her mozzarella sticks at lunch and saying hi to her guy friend, Blake!"
Person 2: "That's such a Saby move."

Person 1: "True."
by lonelyteenager69 March 26, 2017
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A stupid ass school where you get tested every fuckin day. Their foods taste like fuckin cow shit. Every teacher that would ever talk to you, I promise you, they don’t fuckin know how to talk without spitting. People think we’re smart but actually we just memorize cause we don’t want our ass to get whooped.

Cause and effect of sabis:

• Depression

• anxiety

• Self-esteem
• getting paranoid
Someone from another school: hey, wanna hangout?

Sabis student: sorry man I need to study, I have an exam.

The next day,

Someone from another school: hey, you free?

Sabis student: na sorry, need to study.

Someone from Another school: Man ever time I ask you, you go like “ sorry dude I have an exam,” what kind of school you got to.

by Chin Chan chong February 16, 2019
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1) A retarded organization run by bunch of bureaucratic twats that will charge you multiple grand school fees every year in exchange for crap textbooks, shit administration, careless staff and a exam torture system that will drive you bananas.

a. You get low quality textbooks with a mistake on nearly every page but never mind the pages get ripped out anyways cuz of the great quality.

b. You get tortured with millions of AMS and Periodic exams every week until the sabis system literally turns you into a robot. Warning to the rest of you normal people: The SABIS tests will damage and alter your thinking process with their endless Sabis style multiple choice questions. Once you get in there you get stuck for the rest of your life.

c. The Sabis Point System is by far a teacher's biggest nightmare. It plans what crap is to be taught, every specific page and activity in what lesson. No flexibility whatsoever. Even better, some weeks they plan grammar for example, in english class, to be taught for the ENTIRE WEEK. At other times they expect us to cover 500 pages of Algebra in 3 lessons. The guy who plans these had ONE FUCKING JOB. He failed so bad.

All the $$ goes to the bosses at the sabis headquarters whereas some of the teachers that actually have to work hard get paid peeps. SABIS is a corporate global business, not a school. Its education for the spoilt dumbass rich dicks, not for a changing world. SABIS = SUCK ASS BULLSHIT INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLS.
I am a student who takes 2 exams on the computer, 2 on paper , and don't know how to think by myself because I am always presented with options in front of me. Who am I?

I am a brainwashed Sabis student.

I'm Surprised
by The legitimate definer June 18, 2017
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basically ur everyday mental slaughter and exhaustion. disgusting cafeteria food. I can guarantee u no one there cares about ur stress or emotions. 12 exams per week so that’s gucci. 4 and 5 year olds have FUCKING HOMEWORK there.... don’t let ur kid go there whatsoever and if anyone ever says sabis is good they’ve been brainwashed.

we’re all equally depressed



stressed out

bc of the shitty system and everyone who works at sabis
thotiana: what school do u go to

blueface: oh i go to sabis 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

thotiana: ah shit, r u ok?
by xxxtentaktoon October 12, 2019
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1) money laundering organization that sells crappy textbooks of historical figures to students at the schools they use as a front.

2) The Point System? WTF!!!

3) Stupid ass bitches in schools
Mike: lets go learn some stuff!
bob: we cant unless we use the point system because SABIS says so
by SuperfeetSies February 19, 2010
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Global School Network that will take your money and use the “point system” from the 1860s to teach you nothing.

From grades 5-12 you shall have 1-2 exams a day and no social life.

In grades 10-12 you will have no real life and will become depressed and tired of studying for exams endlessly

SABIS students have 4 types of exams
AMS - 25% of your mark
Periodic - 50% of your mark
Homework - 25% of your mark
End of Term - basically your entire mark KEKW.
If you get into a SABIS school, good luck!
Oh and the teachers are horrible
John : hey what school u in?
SABIS student : sorry bro I can’t talk rn gotta study
John : oh sucks to be you!
by a skrrt skrrt October 13, 2019
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A twitch streamer who makes good content. She is very kind and swag and cool. This is her twitch -> follow her or face the consequences.
Hey look it's Sabie! She's so cool!
by SabieLive March 31, 2021
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