A phrase used to over apologise in an over-dramatic lebanese tone.
Harold: My father killed himself.
by groggsman December 10, 2003
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This is the proper phrase for interrupting a boring monologue while simultaneously tripping or smacking the offender.
Unlike "cool story bro," this phrase can instantly end the conversation.
Boring person: "And then I drove my minivan to the pharmacy and I was only five minutes ahead of schedule and..."
Victim: *Smack* "Cool sorry bro"
by KristopherWindsor May 14, 2011
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"Sorry for lifting bro" (SFLB) is statement used to respond to your friends that are trying get you to engage in other activities than going to the gym to training.

"Sorry for lifting bro" can also be used as a rebuttal to jealous comment from other gym goers that make negative comments about you physique to make them selves feel better because they cannot put in the hard work required to achieve similar results.

In short, its a kind way to tell those that are trying to distract or discourage you from reaching your fitness goals to, "go f#$& themselves" and no matter what they say or do, they will not be able to keep you from reaching your fitness goals.
Friends: "you should skip the gym and we should go out and get wasted"
You: "Sorry for lifting bro" Then take a picture of yourself working out while they are partying and send it to them with the caption "sorry for lifting bro"

Guy in the gym: "you're only bigger than me because you have better genetics"
You: "Sorry for lifting bro"
by Mr Fitness August 24, 2014
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