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Getting 2 on is getting drunk and high at the same time, made popular by the singer Tinashe, which is pretty fucking genius if you think about it🤔
"Im 2 on, im too hype"
"I love to get 2 on"
by Irdc tbh June 01, 2017
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by Peach_emoji December 13, 2020
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To be drunk and high at the same time. Also known as being cross faded.
"Man i was 2 on at that party Saturday.
"I love to get 2 on"
by Trilluminaughty November 11, 2014
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This saying was made popular by the song "2 on" from the R&B singer Tinashe. According to Tinashe, "2 on" means "getting a little too hype, or a little too buzzed, or just feeling a little TOO good".
This party is awesome! I'm 2 on.
by Atoppin June 10, 2014
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When you’re getting buzzed off some alcohol or reached the climax point of a drug you’re taking.
Hey bro I’m feeling 2on right now, what the fuck was in this drink? Also let me get a bump for the hump. Stupid faded
by Bumps4worldpeace February 25, 2018
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