A way of expressing your virginity; popular in Twitch streams
xXForTNiTeSTreAmZ69Xx: Bro did you see that epic Minecraft meme I Tik-Tokked to you?
Jake Paul Jr: KEKW LOL
by Chad_Chadington January 28, 2021
The sound you make when you cough or laugh while swallowing.
Ocelat: KEKW
Recent: Bruh, you choking over there?
by Recen7 September 22, 2020
Twitch emotes with the -W suffix often convey an exaggerated facial expression by the streamer or individual in question, and the KEKW emote is a recently popularized way to convey laughter or hilarity in the chat.
by Schmalls February 18, 2020
laugh out loud what, lolw, lelw, kekw, looks like kook
by notmyrealhandle March 28, 2020
A very typo definition for "okay".
Just like "kek" it is a very uwu-ed way for saying okay.
Person 2: Let's play insert video game here, could be anything
Person 1: i can't, i have homework
Person 2: kekw :v
by ayeongz March 20, 2021