The Point system is, as stated, a system of points earned based on sexual activities performed in areas other than either participants bedroom. It generally takes the form of friendly competition between bored, promiscuous friends.
2nd base= 1 points
3rd base= 2 points
4th base= 5 points

additional rules:
any actions that lead to other actions (e.g. hand action leading to sex) points are awarded for the highest earning activity only.
however, if additional activities are added after this, these points are counted as well.

extra points:
one extra point is awarded for the following
-if the participants are not a couple
- if there are other people in the room
- if 2 activities are done at the same time (e.g. 69ing is 5 points instead of 4)
-in the case of sex, 2 extra points are awarded instead of one. i.e. sex with someone else in the room earns 7 points etc.
"aw man, fingered this chick in my brothers room while he was in there. we got 3 points."
"hey man, how many points you get last night?"
"Dude, you're winning The Point System "
by McGarfield August 31, 2008
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For guys, whenever you open a door for a lady, make her laugh, shop with her, watch her movie or listen to her music instead of yours, or make her smile, its like a point. After that, its just point, point, point, point, point, point...DING! SHES NAKED!
Dude, I love the point system. I cashed 'em in last night.
by Valdezvaldezvaldez November 30, 2007
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The Man-Point System is a sacred process of masculine prowess. When one does a noble deed or something manly, one receives a man point. When one accumulates 18 man points, one is oficially a man, and the maximum amount of man-points is 36, which is when you reach the manliness of a lumberjack. There are certain exceptions to the system in which certain individuals receive more than 36 man points. These are the manliest of men, in fact they are MAN GODS. You can also get negative man points for doing stupid dumb shit or being a bitch or being a creepy punk.
"Jay has negative forty man points. He is a creepy bitch."

"Man, you gotta love The Man-Point System."
by Joe Mingus December 02, 2006
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Block Letters +2pts
Globe +2pts
Scrunchies +2pts
Puka Shell Necklace +2pts
Friendship Bracelets +2pts (+1pt extra for attached to Hydro flask)
Succulents +2pts
Painted Rocks +2pts
Altoids +2pts
Chapsticks +2pts
Polaroid +3pts
Reusable Straw +3pts (+1pt extra for foldable metal one)
Painted Jeans +3pts
Scented Candles +3pts
Rainbow Tinted Sunglasses +3pts
Chalkboard +3pts
Bead Bracelets +3pts
Starbucks +3pts
Birkenstock’s +4pts
Crocs +4pts
Checkered Vans +4pts
IPhone +4pts
Phone Case with Stickers +4pts
Ukuleles +4pts

Hydro flask +4pts (+1pt extra for every sticker)
Messy Bed +4pts (+1pt for each throw pillow)
Messy Bun +4pts
Painted Cartoons +4pts
Record Player +5pts
Apple Watch +5pts
VSCO Account +10pts (+3pts if link is in Instagram Bio)
TikTok Account (with posts) +10pts

Oversized T-shirt so it looks like you’re not wearing pants +10pts
VSCO Boyfriend +20pts
My VSCO score is 150 points!
The VSCO point system is so accurate.
by ToriandMax September 17, 2019
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The way men can be measured with how well they do with women and sexual favors. Every man starts with 200 points. deduction amounts are determined by other men.
The Man Point System is as follows:

Quick Kiss: +1
Make out: +5
Feel up: +15
Hand job/finger: +25
Blow Job/ Eat out: +50
Sex: +100 (each different girl)
+ 75 (each time with same girl)

other acts are your choice as long as you have approval by other men
by chcrampage41 July 27, 2010
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