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1) A retarded organization run by bunch of bureaucratic twats that will charge you multiple grand school fees every year in exchange for crap textbooks, shit administration, careless staff and a exam torture system that will drive you bananas.

a. You get low quality textbooks with a mistake on nearly every page but never mind the pages get ripped out anyways cuz of the great quality.

b. You get tortured with millions of AMS and Periodic exams every week until the sabis system literally turns you into a robot. Warning to the rest of you normal people: The SABIS tests will damage and alter your thinking process with their endless Sabis style multiple choice questions. Once you get in there you get stuck for the rest of your life.

c. The Sabis Point System is by far a teacher's biggest nightmare. It plans what crap is to be taught, every specific page and activity in what lesson. No flexibility whatsoever. Even better, some weeks they plan grammar for example, in english class, to be taught for the ENTIRE WEEK. At other times they expect us to cover 500 pages of Algebra in 3 lessons. The guy who plans these had ONE FUCKING JOB. He failed so bad.

All the $$ goes to the bosses at the sabis headquarters whereas some of the teachers that actually have to work hard get paid peeps. SABIS is a corporate global business, not a school. Its education for the spoilt dumbass rich dicks, not for a changing world. SABIS = SUCK ASS BULLSHIT INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLS.
I am a student who takes 2 exams on the computer, 2 on paper , and don't know how to think by myself because I am always presented with options in front of me. Who am I?

I am a brainwashed Sabis student.

I'm Surprised
by The legitimate definer June 18, 2017

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This subspecies of human beings called Eren is often also referred to as a Ehrenmann. It eats döner at least five times a week, plays on its PC, gets good grades because it has got hyperthymesia and can literally recall entire lessons word for word what the teacher has said, and instead of buying products when walking into a store, it has the tendency of just buying the store altogether at whim. These may just be the strangest properties ever to be present within a human being--sadly a perfectly accurate form of such doesn't exist yet (luckily).
Aw fuck. My rent just got raised again, Eren bought 30% of all new available real estate in Frankfurt just raise property prices for fun and make their availability more scarce than it already is.

I just saw this silver Audi A8 on the way to work with cash streaming out of the wheel rims, was that Eren passing by again?

Have you ever wanted a massive 3 story villa mansion with a roof made out of cardboard? Here I'll give you Eren's number, his the right property developer to contact for this one.
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by The legitimate definer August 12, 2019

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A pretty good drone by dji with obstacle avoidance systems run by remote human black slaves trapped in underground offices. After all, the default color is white for the drones.
Hey dude you got a phantom 4 pro plus???
Yup, it set me back nearly 2 grand.
I got the dji mavic pro, same features and way better value for money.
by The legitimate definer June 19, 2017

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1 : a usually prejudiced and often spiteful or malevolent ill will

2 : basic attitude or governing spirit : disposition, intention

3 : an inner masculine part of the female personality in the analytic psychology of C. G. Jung
Barney's newspaper editorial had been heartfelt, and he was shocked by the animus in one published response.

"The precise rationale for the District's animus toward chicken ownership is unclear." — Peter Jamison, The Washington Post, 21 Apr. 2017
by The legitimate definer June 19, 2017

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A measuring device of something we will always be in shortage of.
Hot clock.
yeah the time is tickin' even faster now.
by The legitimate definer June 19, 2017

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