Well built/made car from sweden, they are generally a lot quicker than most average cars due to the turbo's that are added to most of their range. Sure to suprise Boy racers
90 900 9000 9-3 9-5 9-2x saab
by Jackrabbit710 November 29, 2005
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A well-made, classic Swedish car. Those of us whose parents bought us a Saab may be preppies, but we are defintely not losers. That term is reserved for those who are jealous of Saab owners.
by J.M.S. March 06, 2006
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An innovative Swedish automobile manufacturer known for its efficient, high performance turbocharged engines, aircraft design heritage and first-in-class safety.

Saabs are often considered the choice car for people less concerned with fitting in with a crowd, such as those who purchase autmobiles manufactured by BMW, Mercedes, Lexus and other preimum marques, but more concerned with originality, technology and efficiency.
In the market for a premium car, Rob wanted something that would never bore him; he chose a Saab.

While the yuppie masses scoot along in their 3-series BMWs and boring Lexuses, a Saab flys by in a turbocharged rush.
by linvect October 26, 2005
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Acronym for "Svenska Aeroplan Aktie Bolaget", meaning Swedish Airplane Company.

Saab is an aerospace manufacturer based in Sweden, who in post-war year of 1947 decided to start marketing a car called the "92" which used an engine derived from DKW (part of the old Auto Union in Germany). Saab went on to produce the 93, the 95, the Sonnet II and Sonnet III, the 96, 99, 900, 9000, 9-3, 9-5 and the new 9-2x. The automotive branch of Saab is no longer associated with the old parent aerospace manufacturer. 50% of Saab was purchased by GM in 1989, and the remaining 50% in 1999.

In 1986, when the Saab 9000 was introduced into the United States, it was the fastest (top speed) sedan sold in the US.

Saab did NOT invent the turbocharger, nor make the world's first turbocharged vehicle. However, the Saab 99 turbo was responsible for bringing turbocharged automobiles to the masses, and is considered the world's first WIDELY PRODUCED turbocharged car.
My family has a 1995 Saab 9000 Aero and a 1997 Saab 900s.
by Max July 30, 2004
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SAAB 900 (SPG/Turbo):
The turbocharged model can produce over 210 hp, and was a pristine and powerful car back in the late 1980's when this much power was unheard of in a car with only an inline-4. Its top speed is about 140mph, and leather, a spoiler, a sunroof, power everything, and many other accessories were common, though not standard with the 900. The 900 was also the first car with heated seats and SAAB itself was the first to invent the turbocharger. Without the SAAB, companies like Porsche (depended on the turbocharger) would not have survived.
Whoever said they wasted the day driving.. wasn't driving a SAAB..
by Saab.net March 02, 2003
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Awesome looking/performing fast turbo cars up untill around the early 90's
Ricers wont even race me in my 89 saab turbo
by Im God so I know these things. October 27, 2003
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Worst car ever made, slow as hell and all japanese cars smoke it..

God my civic SMOKED that slow SAAB
by eastcoastricer March 08, 2005
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