BMW's most popular line of cars, outselling all others put toghether.
...and I want an 8-series....
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 18, 2004
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A word synonymous with the most celebrated model in the BMW line, but often misconceived as the greatest car of all time. Often pursued and purveyed by Asian males and females who otherwise don't believe anything else is better than their 2.5L/3.0L inline 6 engines. This is also treasured by fobs who believe that they have just risen to the top of society when they merely created a false perception of attaining game - otherwise can't speak a word of English
A: My 3-series is definitely the ultimate driving machine, and I am getting so many bitches!

B: Ultimate driving machine compared to a Camry and getting looks from chicks because you made yourself a pompous idiot.
by Osama January 15, 2004
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One of the best forms of BMW to enter the market. It is such a remarkable and stunning car and driving it will make your jaw drop. The sheer performance coupled with amazing luxury combines to form the perfect car. Many people hate on young people who have it simply because they drive shitty ass ricers and lower end Audi's or Mercedes and cant comprehend how a car like the BMW can constantly stomp on them.
Person 1: Hey looks it Bmw, let me try to race him in my 180 hp Honda civic! *Redlines*
Person 2: Not another ricer...oh god whatever ill just stomp on him. *Green Light*
Person 1: OH GOD THAT BMW 3-Series KILLED ME. *Crys all night*
Person 2: And thats why you buy a BMW kids.
by BimmerBoy April 12, 2013
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The most douchebag car out on the current market. Many younger males which possess a BMW 3 series feel empowered and cool. When an individual is driving one, they are usually have their right hand at 12 oclock with seat all the way back, leaning towards the window and wearing sunglasses. At any given moment the driver will stomp on the throttle to obtain the perception and being fast and awesome; when in reality they are just assholes.
Guy 1: Lol, look at that kid in the bimmer.

Guy 2: You hear the music he's blasting, rofl.

3 Series Driver: (floors the car from red light and causes a burnout going nowhere)

Guy 1&2: Wadda dick lmfao.
by bKLynnnnn November 6, 2009
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30 years of sport sedan success. From the 2002 to the present fifth generation e90 sedan, the BMW 3 series has been the benchmark for premium sport sedans. A car to be driven not to be driven in. One of the greatest looking cars on the road. Better than Mercedes C class, Audi A4 and any japanese sedans ex: Lexus.
That BMW 3 series is a sick car
by Klaus Hergersheimer April 13, 2006
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A very fine automobile. Very sporty indeed, BMW pioneered the sports sedan with this (along with the M3). Regardless how how much horse power some American POS has bet your fine ass that a bimmer can match it's speed with 100less hp. What BMW puts into this car is pure magic that while maybe isn't better for some this magic is just on a whole different level than Mercedes Benz, Audi, Lexus, etc. This magic alone is why a $60k (M3) car can light up someones face more than a $200k car. Don't talk shit about this car being a "poor mans BMW" because I doubt you have 45k to spend on a fully loaded 3 series sedan let alone the coupe with all wheel drive or the IS model or even the M3.
Person1: I just got a new BMW 3 series, I LOVE it!
Persom2: zomg my Benz is so cooler
Person1: I see what Mercedes Benz has been degraded to in the US.
by CTU_FieldAgent200 August 29, 2010
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Originating from the BMW 2002, the 3 series has set the standard for sports sedan category, and remains to be an excellent machine today. Many other companies have made cars that can compete, but BMW still provides the best driving experience hands down, and regularly wins in comparisons against the competition. Although near the entry level for BMW, a stripped 335 convertible will be at least $50,000. Also known for being hated on by those who cannot afford it, similar to most other expensive foreign cars. But, as an owner, I would highly recommend this car to everyone, as its quite fast, gets amazing gas mileage, and in 5 years of ownership, I have yet to do anything besides routine maintenance.
Hater: "Wow, you have a BMW, you must be a total asshole!"
BMW Driver: "Don't be angry because your car is a pile - rather, you should judge people on their personality, rather than superficial traits or items"
Hater: "Dick!"
BMW Driver: "Ah, well, its not my fault you're an idiot"

Person 1: "I've been looking at the BMW 3 series - i've heard that they're an amazing car"
BMW Driver: "Yeah, they look amazing, drive great, get amazing gas mileage, and have an amazing maintenance plan - BMW will play for anything for the first four years"
Person 1: "Damn, that sure beats my American POS thats been to the shop five times in the first year of ownership, is ugly, and gets terrible mileage"
by TheDictionKing May 28, 2009
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