It's a car goddamn it!

It rocks... (Not really, but I gotto defend my country ^^)

Go Sweden!
My mum had a Saab once, but it broke down all the time. Fuckin crap.
by Concussion August 6, 2005
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A once quirky, unusually designed car that was once different from the crowd. The company is now 100% GM owned and so its models are a rag tag bunch Opels, Subarus (well the 9-2X will be a "saab" design soon since they no longer own Subaru) etc. The SAAB 9-7X is a rebadged GM envoy and they even put the ignition in between the seats to convince dummies it was a Saab. lolz . Hahaha. SELLOUTS.
Dick: "My father loaned me his SAAB 9-7x to drive to the golfing range, and it drives so nicely since its a European design."

John: "but your truck is really a GM , gas guzzling waste of space and fuel...."

(laughter all around)

Dick: "but .... but... "

John: "why don't you girls get in my BMW and I'll show you some performance? ;o)"

Exit John with 2 supermodels.

Dick pulls a raisor blade from his cardigan, and slowly raises it to his wrists...
by Wojtek May 18, 2006
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Is a Swedish automobile manufacturer known for making most of the cars which stops with random errors at road side. (9 of 10 cars seen on a wrecking truck in sweden is Saabs).

SAAB is a akronym for "Svenska Aeroplan Aktie Bolag", (Swedish Airplane JSC).
But the most known akronym is "Skrota aset annars byt", which mean "Scrap that Ass, or trade it".
A Saab!? I thought you had bought a car!?
by emil.s January 21, 2009
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Joe: Yo Bob, do you see that skinny little girl over there?

Bob: Yeah man, what about her?

Joe: She's a SAAB for sure.
by naydanger November 9, 2010
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SAAB: is commonly known as the swedish car company. The acronym, however, stands for Something An Asshole Buys.
by Berlo October 11, 2009
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Acronym for "Sad American Autombile Byproduct"
My car was a SAAB.
by oldestof6 October 16, 2008
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A piece of shit Swedish car that needs to give up the car game. Not reliable, weird, ugly, and too expensive are a few ways to explain a Saab. Only faggots who wish they had an Audi drive Saabs.
Hey lets hop in our Audis....wait we cant afford those so we buy saabs. THEY ARE GAY
by Swedish=homo July 26, 2006
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