SAAB 900 (SPG/Turbo):
The turbocharged model can produce over 210 hp, and was a pristine and powerful car back in the late 1980's when this much power was unheard of in a car with only an inline-4. Its top speed is about 140mph, and leather, a spoiler, a sunroof, power everything, and many other accessories were common, though not standard with the 900. The 900 was also the first car with heated seats and SAAB itself was the first to invent the turbocharger. Without the SAAB, companies like Porsche (depended on the turbocharger) would not have survived.
Whoever said they wasted the day driving.. wasn't driving a SAAB..
by Saab.net March 02, 2003
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Awesome looking/performing fast turbo cars up untill around the early 90's
Ricers wont even race me in my 89 saab turbo
by Im God so I know these things. October 27, 2003
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Worst car ever made, slow as hell and all japanese cars smoke it..

God my civic SMOKED that slow SAAB
by eastcoastricer March 08, 2005
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(n)a smooth, very, very fast car driven by prople with taste and discenment; (adj) to demonstrate individuality in car buying
"he was a typical SAAB owner, he was more interested in what he had than what people thought of him"
by TMCM kiwi August 21, 2004
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Possably one of the safest cars.
Surviving a crash in one from a Toyta convertable hitting you at 40 MPH is almost 100%
And the Toyta? Well lets say its going off to the junk yard.
Then GM bought Saab and fucked it up.
My parents drove a Saab 9000CD a while ago, yes it was a CD. And it survived 3 crashes
by Navck November 02, 2004
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1) A terrorist's car.
2) A car for people who can't quite afford a real yuppie car.
3) A car for people who think that they deserve more than what they have, but can't quite justify it. i.e: lower to middle level managers who got their jobs to keep them away from important processes & relationships that they tend to destroy.
1) Ahmed wired the semtex to the underside of his Saab before driving into the train station.
2) But daddy, I really wanted a beamer! All my friends have beamers, and we were going to make a beamer circle around the mall. I might as well be driving mom's volvo, except for the dents and dried blood from all the people she's hit.
3) Yesterday I told bill that he's have to start coming in late occasionally because my quarterly report has space for things that need improvement and I can't think of anything to put there. So, I told him to buy a Saab.
by Stan West July 09, 2005
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