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Interjection :
Derived from the term aerodynamic which is a posture endurance athletes try to create to decrease overall time and increase performance

1. A term used by that refers to something that is very impressive and aw inspiring with a very subtle caustic undertone.

2. Reference to a tangible object that is remarkable or sensational.
Chad: I just rode 12 hours and 137miles on my mountain bike and finished 3rd in the race!
Matt: I just ran 50k with 12,000 change in vertical feet!
Greg: I rode my mountain bike for 50,000 vertical feet in the first 2 months of the year!
Derrick: Wow, gentleman that is AERO!
by DAeroK March 05, 2012
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Gay, or a faggot.

Stemming from talk on, an immensly popular sports message board.
Damn brah you think that guy is aero?

Come on son, you a aero.
by h/t May 27, 2010
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Shortened name of Aéropostale a teen retailer that sells stylish clothing that is less expensive than competitors such as AE, A&F, and HCO
Becka: Wow look at this cute shirt I bought it was way cheaper than the one I got at AE !
Stacy: Wow ! Aero is awesome !
by bored21212 September 10, 2005
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I love mint aeros............
by i dunno? April 13, 2005
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Someone who is always working behind the scenes to help everyone else, but is always trod upon for the effort.
Anonymous Caller: I hate myself and want to die!

Aero: There is more to life than wanting to die; seek the answer from within.

Anonymous Caller: Suddenly, I have a reason to live.

Aero: What reason is that?

Anonymous Caller: F*** you, I don't need your help anymore!
Aero: Thank you for calling.
by aero March 15, 2003
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a word short for aeropostale. basicly a poor knock-off prep store of Abercrombie and Fitch and American Eagle. you can buy their tee-shirts in bulk packs and the store has a sale every fucking day!
sara- hey i got a really cheap tee from aero.
rachel- ugh
sara- yea the store is having a big sale
rachel- Again?!?
by zoola October 06, 2006
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