A shortened version of aerodynamic commonly used by cyclists
Normie: Why did you shave your arms and legs?
Biker: because body hair isn’t aero!
by Isaacool_101 December 24, 2021
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a loving person who is there for anyone. They are willing to do anything just to help their friend, even if it is weird!! They will do anything for that friend and they mean ANYTHING. They might even wear a Christmas sweater to school during summer to get their friend's crush to notice them and help you talk to them!
Person 1: Woah is that Aero??

Person 2: Yup, they are a bit crazy but a good friend!
Person 1: I wonder if I can be their friend.
by yup.its.marwa May 20, 2021
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Someone who is always working behind the scenes to help everyone else, but is always trod upon for the effort.
Anonymous Caller: I hate myself and want to die!

Aero: There is more to life than wanting to die; seek the answer from within.

Anonymous Caller: Suddenly, I have a reason to live.

Aero: What reason is that?

Anonymous Caller: F*** you, I don't need your help anymore!
Aero: Thank you for calling.
by aero March 15, 2003
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Shortened name of Aéropostale a teen retailer that sells stylish clothing that is less expensive than competitors such as AE, A&F, and HCO
Becka: Wow look at this cute shirt I bought it was way cheaper than the one I got at AE !
Stacy: Wow ! Aero is awesome !
by bored21212 September 10, 2005
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Short for "aromantic", as in not experiencing feelings of romantic attraction.

Compare to "asexual".
"Hey, John's got a crush on Gigi."

"Well Gigi's Aero so..."
by Феликс January 10, 2017
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Term short for Aeropostale, a preppy clothing retailer located in many malls that are slightly cheaper than American Eagle and Abercrombie.
A:"Where did you get that shirt?"
by annonymous November 20, 2004
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