With all the benefits, it's still an ugly & now American car with a German psuedonym.
"Wow Bob you must be proud of that safe Saab."
"Yes Jim I am, but too bad my nuts haven't dropped far enough to drive a 69 Chevelle SS like you."
by Nitwit February 23, 2005
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A Swedish automobile company focusing on safety and uniqueness, being discovered in 1947 by 16 aircraft engineers. GM now owns 100% of the company, and has each model being built in different locations: (9-7x = detroit , new 9-3 = Germany, 9-5 = Sweden). The company remains unique with hi-powered 4 cylinder engines with light pressure turbos -- capable of pumping out 260 hp on the 9-5 sedan and sportcombi. There interiors are made from upscale materials, but not always as roomy as americans demand. Quirky-but-safe center mounted ignition switches are featured on every model, staying true to there rich and prestigious name. These are just a FEW reasons why the Saab company has the 2ND highest customer loyalty ranking out of all car companies. PEOPLE COME BACK FOR MORE -- THEY OBVIOUSLY BUILD A NICE CAR! New XWD 'cross wheel drive' is now available on this 'different' , striving, and very original swedish car company.

they can tackle tuff swedish winters and still be more original than those EVER FADING rebaged Volkswagens audis

yea just about all there platforms are shared!
The Saab Turbo X had 280 hp and fuckin SMOKED that stock- only gay-men drive Audi A4!
by Butch McKeverson July 11, 2008
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Sweaty ass and balls syndrome - (Pronounced - sabs) a condition that affects men. Extreme heat in the ass and ball region causing excessive sweat often soaking outter clothing and leaving wet spots on chairs. The condition is especially prevalent in the summer months.
Look guys his ass is soaked from sweat. It looks like he is sufferings from saabs.
by Jordan Bardoel June 5, 2007
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Yes Saab! I'll do as you wish!
by saab mvg April 28, 2005
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Possably one of the safest cars.
Surviving a crash in one from a Toyta convertable hitting you at 40 MPH is almost 100%
And the Toyta? Well lets say its going off to the junk yard.
Then GM bought Saab and fucked it up.
My parents drove a Saab 9000CD a while ago, yes it was a CD. And it survived 3 crashes
by Navck November 3, 2004
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Another word for something done wrong or being broken.
Sad, this laptop is to Saab i need to throw it away.
by vbroms October 15, 2015
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Stands for 'Sucks Ass and Balls'.
I dropped my ice-cream on the pavement... totally SAAB
by yukitup December 2, 2010
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