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A fabulous sort of girl. Beautiful and intelligent, but extremely outgoing. A true Perri loves to talk and debate for hours. Strong willed and furiously creative, a Perri is always a very important part of society. She loves people and life in generally. Her bubbly, radiant personality tends to dominate a bit, and can occasionally border on irritating, but she always means well. A Perri is always genetically blessed, and is generally the owner of an IQ thrice the amount of anyone else in the room and an esoteric beauty to match. Her sheer awesomeness is intimidating.To be a Perri is to be the physical embodiment of an Epic Win.
Person A: "Gosh! Isn't that Perri something! Don't we all wish we could be any where near as epic as her?"

Person B: "When I look at that Perri, I feel like I'm in the Narnia Chronicles and I'm looking at Aslan!"

Person A: "Really? When I read about Aslan in Narnia, I feel lik I'm looking at a Perri in the real world!"
by Twig Happy March 04, 2012
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The way Perry is suppose to be spelt for a girl.
Omg have you seen that girl Perri Davenport?? She is buff!!!!!!
by I love perri!!!!!!!! December 16, 2004
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The worst city in the Inland Empire.
People there hide their shame of living there.
People there have to drive to Moreno Valley or Temecula to have fun, seriously Sun City has more shit to do.

Perris' mall is Wal-Mart, and has 4 mini-malls. Everyone eats out on the weekend which is mostly Carls Jr. or McDonalds.

The lake is crap and is where bums shower and dump shit there.

Every teenager does weed, x, and tweak with meth. Most teens are emos, sluts, bros, or ghetto black people. It's really sad to live in Perris.

"Aye, lets go to the mall?"

"Whose gonna take us?"

"Lets just take the RTA, number 19"

"Fuck that, too much money."

"PERRIS SUCKS ASS. Then lets go get high at the ditch with Felix."
by mimifreshhh November 15, 2009
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Refering to someone who creates elaborate scenarios on already ridiculous stories, possibly to gain attention. Also, likes to be heard and may try to dominate a conversation by raising his/her voice above all others.
Person 1: Hey did you see that girl over there?

Person 2: Ya dood, you should go hit that shit.

Person 3 (perri-er): Ya you should, but then what if she is a cross-dresser and is in need of a wiener and when she sees your grabs it and rips it of and then you have to chase her to try and get it back but she gets to the hospital befor you can catch her and has it attatched to herself? What would you do? Would you try to find another wiener or just become a girl?!?!?

Person 1 & 2: really?
by rickyroscoe June 11, 2009
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#1 A male version of ancient greek turned french name Paris. (not to be confused with Paris Hilton or Paris, France)

#2 Name often given to young men of outstanding character and integrity. The name can also describe men of extreme popularity, or high social esteem.

#3 Character-Nym given usually to any literary persona who is handsome and romantic.
#1 Alex: Hey i noticed you're name is Perris, what does it mean?
Perris: greek god

#2 Tim: Who's this guy on facebook - geez he's friends with everyone.

#3 Tim: Whats the name of that hero guy in the book?
Alex: Perris.
by Pmack0711 January 28, 2009
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