The finest American studio film of the 1990's.
"She was my Rushmore, Max"
"I know, she was mine too."
by Miles Pieri January 8, 2004
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The movie from the 90's of course. Basically, it's about a fifteen year old named Max Fischer who is totally obsessed with the private school, Rushmore. But since he's not very smart (yet extremely talented at writing plays, go figure), he's expelled. However, he falls in love with another teacher, who becomes his obsession. And ANOTHER however, the teacher he falls in love with is romantically linked to his MENTOR. Hence many conflicts and such.

Also, several lines from this movie give song titles / references to bands like Brand New, the old Fall Out Boy, and Every Time I Die. Hence where the song title, "Tell That Mick He Just Made My List Of Things To Do Today." A line in the movie.

ALSO used to say that you love some one more than life itself.
"She's my Rushmore, Max."
"..I know."
by neonxblonde December 9, 2005
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life, both in the sense of the movie and in the literal meaning. i love margaret yang / sara tanaka.
life 4 me is rushmore. always rewinding and fastforwarding and never reaching the end. ahh how mature and philosophic. thank you hoag.
by impreza December 20, 2003
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Based on a quote from the movie, an expression meaning something is the ultimate.
Dude, I love that girl, she's my Rushmore.
by LordWatson July 12, 2003
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Rushmore is the antithesis of Howling: New Moon Rising
by Bungalow Bill February 20, 2002
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When someone in a group photo inexplicably turns their head slightly to the side and focuses their attention on something other than the person in front of them taking the photograph.

When this happens the one person looks as if they are a head on Mt. Rushmore. This can be done on accident or on purpose to ruin the photo.
Damn, look at Alan in that photo! He totally pulled a Rushmore on the group.
by Edison Charger 1 July 22, 2009
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Mediocre and overhyped movie loved by members of Generation X and Y, a significant portion of which are regular users of mind altering substances and went to private school. 9 out of 10 stoners find this film "intelligent" and "deeply moving". Similarly, they reviewed "Dude, Wheres my Car" as a "thrilling mystery caper with an unexpected plot twist".
With movies like this, who needs movies. - Dirk Calloway
by The Dumpster January 18, 2005
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